Really............. I mean

So it’s been over a week now game for game pass users still isn’t fixed, dev still hasn’t gotten off its ■■■■ to make a statement of any kind.

Will say this has made sure I will not be purchasing games in the future made by this developer regardless of any other aspect

Dude… Seriously, chill! There are certain cycles in development, one week is nothing to find a bug, analyze it in enough detail to find the root cause, give a statement and, more importantly as the statement won’t help jack, fix it. If they haven’t given feedback after two weeks, it makes sense to request some further information “NOW!” but right now let them find the issue and fix it.

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Hello @mazzab, if you’re referring to the gamepass crash on launch issue that arised with the latest patch, it was fixed shortly after we were made aware of it as some of the affected users shared their logs with us, which allowed the developers to quickly pinpoint it.

The hotfix was submited for approval a few days ago, unfortunately it may take a few days for it to go live since it has to be processed on the store’s end, which is outside of our control.

Hopefully it will become available today, at worst early during next week.

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