Really? The End Game We have been waiting for huh?

I spend almost a whole 48 hours stayin up grinding. Then goto win the game which I’ve been hype for for about since the game was released for early release. Too long. and I don’t get any loot or anything I literally have to delete my character and start over? what the hell is that?

… the Devs said you would likely not like the end game. do you not watch the dev blogs on YT?

This isn’t a game that focuses heavily on the end game. Its definitely not world of warcraft. Grinding for 48 hours really doesn’t get you much except burn out.

The end game for me is a great hall full of naked dancers! No complaints here.:grin:

I just had to thank you for this. lol

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Yea… the dev’s pretty much said thats what was going to happen…sorry you missed it…

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