Realm of Galaeron RPvP/ERP 18+ PC server

“An unforgiving land, always taking more and more. The Rift event has brought us all together. But why? Is it magic, gods, or some sick joke? Nonetheless, you must survive no matter how perilous the journey. Traversing these vast lands, we must find the answers together.”

Realm of Galaeron is a RP/ERP world of wonder and mystery where YOU the player write the servers lore. Your in-game experiences change the tide of the future. Want to be a giant green Orc that sells flowers? Done. Want to be a strong Dwarf that slays dragons? Done! You can be anything you can think of. Sound interesting? Join the discord (linked below) and read our rules just to be sure. A world of wonder and fantasy awaits you.

Server Freatures:


x2 ALL XP rates

x2 Harvesting

No Drop loot on death

Logged Out Characters Remain

350 Levels

Custom races

Quests and custom dungeons

Player ran kingdoms

Server Mods:



Improved Quality Of Life


Barbarian Barber

RA: Fantasy Extension

RA: Character Customisation

Immersive Armor

Dungeon Master Tools

Thrall Wars


Exiles Extreme

Savage Steel

Dude’s Delightful Decorations


Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal

Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Unlock plus (with pickup)

Conquest World Map

Discord link:

Discord Rules: Discord Rules - Google Docs

Server Rules: Server Rules - Google Docs

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