Realm of Lords [RP/PVP/18+]

This is in fact an RP server however you are never forced to RP. This server has allot of content added compared to vanilla Conan Exiles so take it slow. If you have questions please ask me. Ive been doing modded Conan for a long time now. So useful tips are SHIFT + R opens the RP menu… SHIFT + M opens the customization menu. Other then that Ive created a spawn menu, all mods are loaded and updated so we are ready to go!

If you would like a list of mods and such please visit: for more info on all the RP stuff!

Server Rates:

  • 3x XP rate
  • 3x XP time
  • 5x XP Kill
  • 3x XP harvest
  • 3x XP Craft
  • .1x Thirst and Hunger
  • .5x Craft time Multiplier
  • No Thrall/Pet hunger
  • No remaining in world after logout
  • No loot drop on death