Reason for pvp / battles with npc

The main feature of the game is the battle with the players / NPC. However, the game does not have much motivation and reasons to fight the players / NPC.
The player will fight with the NPC until a certain point. When the player has all the necessary thrall, he will stop fighting. Because it will be boring. I hope that this problem will be solved by purge.
The game needs to add something, reasons, so that players will fight in pvp. On some pvp servers, players did not fight. Why? Because there is no reason to fight. The player can quickly assemble the necessary resources, to arm and build a base. Fight fun at the beginning. If the player has no reason, he will not fight.
I would suggest adding a function from religion that adds a buff / debuff, depending on the player’s sacrifices to his god. If the player brings a sacrifice, then he gains a buff. If the player does not bring the victim within the time, he gets a debuff. If you add magic, it will allow players to cast spells. It is necessary to add for pvp things for the sacrifice of the gods, depending on religion.
Buffs and Debuffs:

  1. Crom = + 1 Strength / - 1% weapon damage (buff if the player is fighting)
  2. Mithra = +1 vitality / - 1% amount of health
  3. Yog = +1 grit / - 1% amount of stamina
  4. Imir = +1 agility / - % protect of armor
  5. Set = +1 accuracy / - % bow damage

The buff is temporary (5-10 minutes) and can increase to 10 lvl. The debuff is permanent and increases to 10 if the player does not start fighting.
Also can come up with other buffs from religion. The player can choose one buff.

This is just a suggestion. Maybe you have better ideas. Maybe you are satisfied with the game and do not want to change anything. The purpose of the topic is to find an idea for players to be interested in fighting and being in the game.

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There’s always a reason for PvP. Whether it’s for fun, for establishing dominance over a server, for raiding and getting loot.

Personally, I haven’t seen a situation on PvP servers where players do not fight each other. In my experience, PvP servers are full of constant hostility. Players are sneaking into bases to steal, blowing up bases to take resources and thralls, etc.

However I would like to see religious sacrifices of other players. I feel like it was always one of the main points of the game, so it’s strange to see it absent. I think it would be a great addition to PvP, especially if it were one of the main ways to gain an Avatar.


It’s good. I saw the opposite situation. Such a case was rare. Basically, I meant fighting and raids online, and not when players are offline. This in order to raid and fighting online was more profitable than offline. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, I understand now! Suggesting ways to make players fight each other while online.

They’ve fixed the exploit where players would just log out after picking up all their stuff before a server reset, and so players will have more reason to be online. If your character stays in the world when you log off, then you’ll need to be more active to protect your base.

Sacrifices would be a nice extra reward for killing an opponent. But sacrifices are also very predatory — I think most often, players will try and sacrifice enemies that pose no real threat. Sacrifices need to reward players depending on the character level of the opponent. Sacrificing noobs should not give much of a buff. We also need to think of what role sacrificing plays in the game — most people I’ve talked to are worried that it would just be a griefing tactic.