Rebalance both black ice 1h swords

Change their stats to:

55 dmg
0% armor pen

why not trying to keep your post up and running , instead of creating a new topic for the same thing every months ?

-> When will Funcom fix this... Next to 100 other things


Just curious what your reasoning for this suggestion is. Don’t all 1H swords have ~10% armor penetration? Why should these be different?

Big lists are a poor format for bugs reports and suggestions. IMO it’s better that each concept have it’s own thread so that a discussion can stay focused on its topic instead of jumping around all over the place.

yes indeed …

also don’t get me wrong , I ask with a genuine mind , making your topic live rather than creating a new one is in my opinion the best way to convey you message , cause it brings other people to your cause and the opposite side also can express their opinion . and then we can see a bit clearly if there’s a real problem or not

Dont agree with you on this one. In my opinion 1h blackice sword isn’t that overpowered.

I would say it has the right amount of damage.

Make other weapons better instead. The only reason blackice 1h sword feels overpowered is just because other weapons have to small damage.

Im tired of nerfing uneccesary things. Focus on weapons that really dont require any skill instead, yog touch armor pen is to high and also one of the worst things in PVP right now, horses. That should be the main focus in nerfing. Rest should be balancing/buffing.

All swords should have higher damage but no armor penetration. Swords are very bad at cutting through any sort of armor. Axes would make a lot more sense as armor-penetrating weapons.

Black ice swords can be stronger than other swords because they’re a huge bother to craft. They’re also heavy and have low durability.

I’m not entirely convinced that we even need two different black ice swords because despite their differences, they’re still swords and operate similarly - in a situation where a sword is a good weapon, both work, and in situations where swords are bad, they’re both bad.

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