Rebalence Severed limb resource

In the current system, beyond the enjoyment of beating someone to death with the soggy end, Severd limbs are a resource dead end (pun intended) they dont stack, they weight 30 to 40 times as much as a single piece of human flesh and/or bone and yet when ground up provide only 1 blood and 2 bonemeal.

There are no instances where I would choose to carry severed limbs in preference to carrying human flesh and bone

If I’m out to gather, I’ve got/use the tools I need. No-one window shops leyshrine surges, and I’m not standing around in New Asgarth thinking I’l just pick up a slack hand full of what ever drops.

Half the weight, and multiply the ground resouce returns to 10 blood and 10 bone, it’s still not as efficent as pure flesh and bone but its currently just yet another bag on the floor waiting for the server to decay it

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