Rebranding the DLC packs to avoid confusion

I see people wondering what DLCs to buy or what DLCs they need on a weekly basis at the very least!
Thus I’d like to ponder the question whether calling them Cosmetic packs would not serve better?

For example - ‘Riders of Hyboria pack’ is the current terminology in the Steam shop…‘Riders of Hyboria Cosmetic pack’ is what I’m hinting at in this suggestion post.

I do not know what effects it would have on the sales performance of the DLCs or anything really. Since ages there still are people complaining about “releasing DLCs instead of fixing the game” not realising those DLCs come with FREE patches that are supposed to fix the game (with varying results), after all.

Also, I’d like to mention I’ve got no ulterior motives regarding this matter. I’ve bought all the DLCs that’ve been released so far, including ‘The Riddle of Steel’, both preorder/Early Access DLCs (the armour AND the sword), own the Collector’s edition and absolutely intend to buy the next Season Pass a month after it’s release at the latest. And concerning any of the DLCs, I’m satisfied with them…now, if we could finally get the interior walls, however,… :smiley:

I personally don’t think they would need to do that, as simply reading the description informs you that it’s purely cosmetic DLC, although Steam could do one thing Sony does in regards to DLC, and that is tags like Level, Character, Item and so on. The Conan Exiles DLC get the tag Item, for example.


I do agree that the tree platforms from Debaucheries of Derketo should have been added to the main game instead of DLC. Also the sloped ceilings would have been better suited for addition into the base game as well.
Maybe in the future it could be rectified. We’ll see.

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