Recent Bug/Glitch ridden experiences

In my recent games, mostly referring to single player and official server, I noticed a few things that the game info says isn’t supposed to happen.

  1. Drop on death sim play, kiss all your goods goodbye. As many as 1 in three deaths results in situations not that involving other players even where you lose everything because getting things off your previous body is impossible. This is due to either: the body vanishing; you can’t get to it to interact; goaltending enemies; or the map icon is inaccurate.

  2. Neighbors CAN and WILL build over your land claim and destroy your builds even if you are active and online every day or claimed land in that area first. It’s happened to me on official server so I know it can and does. Funcom nor the server management doesn’t seem to care. I’ve contacted them about it and nada.

  3. Servers you play in can disappear for days. This makes the whole decay thing impractical if the servers are so unreliable you never know when it if you can be on.

  4. Enemies can teleport through walls. Not sure if this lag glitch related but nonetheless the impossible happens.

  5. Things you store, have on avatar, or build can vanish. Mostly I’ve seen builds do this as if the game has no impractical placement detection from which you won’t be able to place builds or they auto return if you try. Whether they aren’t workable locations is irrelevant if you have no indicator it is before an attempt. It has happened on occasion with stored or on person items. I can’t really say how or when since I’m not sure what went wrong.

  6. Oversized builds. I don’t know how limited building is but some I’ve seen are so massive, they take up entire regions, like the valley in devils spirit. A build I saw had wall encompassing the entire region from Riversend to the Breach and chaos mouth to storm watch. I’d or should there be limits and If so, then what ? I broke Ntg this up in part for number 7.

  7. Constructions that interferes with game. I have seen some builds that while not strictly very large block access to critical game and quest areas like crossing the mountainous ridge if the aqueduct just north of the desert. Some just build over the wrong spots that the destroy important resource locations. I’m not one to gripe about little things but in at least one server I play on, it is getting ridiculous at the sizes, numbers, and resource destroying impediments bout by irresponsible players. It hurts the experience of other players for the reasons I mentioned. Should there be any limits to how many; how large,;how big an area; or what key locations are nullified?

  8. Lastly, given how unreliable and unstable some servers or game experiences are, I can’t help wonder how easy it is to lose items, builds, levels, and entire games, Is it healthy for an mmo to give that impression?

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You articulated the issues I’ve seen perfectly. Makes you wonder where they spent 15 months worth of polish doesn’t it? The game does have excellent potential thought…

Yes, it could be among the best.


Some of my findings to your points:

2.: got the issue the other way around. removed building for ally clan, land is still claimed

3.: Write to gportal that they should move the server. Idk why, but since I did that, my tribe and I find and are able to enter the server everyday

  1. Thats not a problem, thats a game mechanic. in ARK the building was resticted to an amount of placeables and that SUCKS! I don’t see this as an issue, I really love that you can build massive base’s

  2. This also should not be resticted, due to it is an online survival game, people can be a-holes untlll you raid them enough to leave the server^^ thats just how players in games like this are sometimes (but yeah ofc not cool if they take away ressources)

  3. you are sooooo right about losing items (levels builds work for me) :smiley:

How does 2 apply? They aren’t in my clan and took land I claimed WELL after I moved there and claimed it and way before my neighbor was a blip on the radar here.

I didn’t say massive based were an issue per say, but you can build in restricted than its possible to have no free land; land to play or do quests on; or land to get resources from let alone that some constructions totally block the only places on the map you can traverse to get somewhere critical.

Lately, my constructions even on foundations, which I heard was supposed to reduce or prevent that, still disappear way before 7 days. What’s worse is if it decays any, there’s a glitch that won’t let any repairs happen. Also even after logging on and hanging around my base awhile, the decay timer doesn’t always reset like it’s supposed to do. I know cause it used to do that.

Today I died for no apparent reason just going outside, no cold weather or storms. I was gaining corruption at my base and I never have before. I’m not that close to any familiar corruption sources. I gained items on looting my body I didn’t have it. My confidence in this game, at least the official servers is waning further. I can now die for no reason; my builds decay whether I’m in recently or not; decay doesn’t reset; decay can’t be repaired. Am I being penalized for some inexplicable reason?

  1. This is a serious issue, but since figuring out some walkarounds, ive managed to find my gear each time.

  2. Nobody can claim your structures, they can build near you if you dont know how to defend, thats PVP.

  3. i havent experienced this nor seen any examples, make sure youre not expeeiencing the server list glitch.

  4. Happened to me once with an npc, but if youre referring to players doing it, its the desync wall hack. Build your base on two foubdation stacked so your walls arent walking height.

  5. Benches and temples cannot be locked. If they are not properly protected players can take all items on them. When i say properly protected, i mean, no windows, indoors, double airlocked and built on anti wall hack foundations.

  6. 7.No limit, which im cool with. Certain areas shouldnt be locked down, but with too many restrictions the pvp aspect will be ruined. If pvp you can remove the structures ;). Are you playing on high harvest rate servers?

  7. No game is flawless, they all have their problems. At least youve done your part by reporting them, lets hope funcom act.

First of all… struggling to keep up with you on account of the broken english…

  1. They really do need to make fixing the invisible body bug a priority. On the other hand if you pay enough attention to your surroundings you’d know where you died and it would be easy to locate your body even if it was invisible. (This isn’t something players should have to do, but until they fix it it’s all we can do. )

  2. Never seen that happen or even heard of it till now. Do you have video?

  3. I’ve heard of this happening and this is another thing they shouldn’t be allowing to happen.

  4. Never seen this one or heard of it. Of all the various npc related bugs.

  5. Not even sure what you’re trying to say is happening on this one.

  6. This one is annoying to say the least but on official pvp that sounds like fair game to me. It’s a sandbox pvp environment. If someone wants to build a massive empire spanning an entire region of the map they can… and the fact that you can if you want to is appealing. That freedom is one reason why people play games like this. Besides it’s not like it isn’t a double edged sword. They would need a HUGE clan to maintain an entire region and keep all their stuff safe. A single player with enough time on their hands (to farm explosives/avatars) could easily destroy large portions of their region spanning empire before they even knew what happened. Or if you don’t care to blow up huge portions of the base you just need to blow a hole in the fence so you can get where you’re trying to go.

  7. I’m neutral on this one. Devs seem to be working to fix many of the issues, and have made some progress. However they don’t seem to be focusing on the most problematic issues as a priority as they should be. Really though a good deal of the current major bugs should have been fixed before full release.

I have not had many issues with many of your accounts but I have been/tried to be an active raider so I would like to weigh in on 6/7.

One of the huge issues nobody here or reddit seems to realize on official clan max size is 10 players. 25% of the server. 10 people with dedication can build an absolutely enormous amount of structures and take over an outstanding amount of real estate. While yes “They are 10 people and farmed it so they deserve it.” This just adds to the insurmountable raiding aspects of the game. Most groups you see are anywhere from 2-5 players. But almost every server has that “alpha” 10 man group. There absolutely needs to be an upkeep system. Resources are already too cheap when mass producing structures so there should be a price to pay.

  1. But they did and in s pve server.
  2. I am still seeing it frequently.
  3. Npcs
  4. No it’s well inside, on pve or single player; it was temples or benches but storage builds and my avatar;
    6&7. Some builds I’ve take up entire regions of the map, remove resources, and can block or interfere with quests and other gameplay factors. Some are built blocking access to parts of the map or quest points. Some eve steal you builds and claim even if you are on it constantly and it’s pve.

Broken English?
2. It was official pve; neighbor built within feet of one of my builds within days, it vanished. If I had any idea it would do something so unexpected, I would have.
4. In single player, wild boar were outside my door unable to get in being too big; then suddenly they materialize inside my base well passed the door.
5. In occasion, things I’m carrying or things kept in storage containers randomly and mysteriously disappear.
6. Wasn’t on pvp that time, plus they lag the server a lot more. Last I checked, one mega base had maybe 3 or 4 I know for sure in it, but it’s bigger than relic city and unnamed city. Another mega base blocking the river is one guy.
7. It’s glitchy and weird, I think you should be able to put a temp bedroll almost anywhere. But pkayer base near vital structures or that remove rare resources for example? Only if the devs had or created alternate paths and replacement resources when such things happen. On servers with slow harvesting, it takes too much away and makes accumulating the needed goods take way too long.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clan with more than 5 active members yet. I been in several servers.m, official, pve, and pvp

Overbuilding is a pve thing. You can just build endlessly and no one will ever be able to destroy your stuff. Play on pvp if that isn’t something you are down for. Same thing happens on Ark on pve servers. But instead of just mega bases, they also have ungodly amounts of dinosaurs. As far as blocking resources go that’s also another pve thing. Again… same thing happens in ark. Pve players can’t fight like pvp but they can still block potential building sites, and limit other peoples access to resources. On a pvp server limiting your enemies access to resources makes actual sense. On pve it’s just a dick move but the world is full of dicks so what can you do?

Well, the upcoming Fallout 76 game seems to have solved all those things and will have pvp choices as well. It appears to allow you to play single player and keep the same character and build for server type pve or pvp play. So if they can do it there perhaps Funcom could find a comparably good solution.

Well if that’s the case Conan will probably die out as hordes of people move to a survival game made by a dev team that can push out a genuinely finished product. If Funcom can’t fix their game it’ll eventually die out as better more polished games of the genre become available.

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