Recent Game state events Drama/toxic/MB etc

Hey all, We had alot of fingers thrown around after todays events and myself and few others would like the community as a whole to come up with solutions to the problems. The discussion can be read on the AO discord pvp hurt locker. We are looking for clan leaders to join in on the discussion. We talked abit on discord but not everyone has access to the Anarchy Discord so i figured it safe to make a forum post with a voting Poll So all can see where we stand.[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

Voting on mb drama
  • Agree to Mb in pvp, Cause chaos, allow urself to be shunned
  • Agree to Shun Mb in pvp, Shun drama starters

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I think the cast of The Hurtlocker might have a collectively engorged sense of self importance and are cynically trying to dispense with discussion in order to smooth over what happened today. Just because you managed to reach a consensus amongst yourselves doesn’t really mandate you to decree over the rest of us plebs. What happened today was a paradigm shift and the window of opportunity for deescalation was slammed shut.

If anything this comes off more like a threat. E.g “We’re sorry that we had to abuse and break game mechanics in order to reprimand you, but if you’ll agree to our demands we’ll not have to do that again. Chin up. Think of your children. Think of your sweet and easily orphaned children.”

With that said, I don’t have the answers. The only thing I really know is that what happened today shouldn’t have happened and certainly shouldn’t be allowed to be treated as if it never did.

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We are not denouncing anything that happened today. But we also dont know who did it, No one here has the ability to provide evidence or proof of WHO did it. But we do know WHY it was done. So if we eliminate the WHY we shouldnt have any reason for something like this to happen again? Understand

Game will never change…FC refuses to take any responsibility or action against MB and sync movement so I am not sure why people trying to make agreements. Exploits like sync movement and MB pvp are allowed and even encouraged by some faction leaders in AO so there will always be people that abuse them regardless of how bad it is for the community. I know there has been countless videos sent to AndyB showing sync movement and pvp boxes and only thing he ever says in response is that we will look into it…Amazing game and community at times just annoying it always goes back to the same drama with MB in pvp.

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Again, you are expressing yourself vaguely and you are skirting the issue. Why was it done? Who did it? Why aren’t you denouncing it?

Why are you asking me who did it when i just said we dont know who did it? Anyone could have done it, You could have done it. I could have done it. No way to prove anything. Please reread. or are u again just like before attempting to derail the topic

I could be wrong, but I think by ‘we’re not denouncing it,’ Raishen just meant that the issue with that 200 froob NT wasn’t the point of this thread. My impression was that it goes without saying that cheating like that renders all pvp meaningless. If you needed people to say that what that player did was bad, I don’t think you’ll find any objections.

As far as I know, there also doesn’t seem to be anything we as players can do about that 200 froob NT’s conduct, other than reporting it to FC. So we can denounce it all we want, but unless we know who that froob belonged to, there doesn’t seem to be much point to publicly denouncing it.

By contrast, even if player agreements can be shaky and temporary, they can discourage MB’ing. Most of the time, even large MBs will fail against a decent group of players if the MB doesn’t have outside support.

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What I am saying is that this entire vote is an attempt at derailing the topic. In fact I already said that in my very first post so I am little bit disheartened to see you immediately trying to deflect and project that onto me. You are suggesting that there is some question as to who is responsible for an act that at face value seems very obvious, and you need to clarify what that means if you are going to believably play the part of diplomat and peacemaker here. Use your words. The ones you are tactlessly trying to obfuscate.

That is the entirety of my point. It seems after the nuclear bomb has gone off one side of the conflict is eerily silent while the other side is nervously trying to hurry things along and change the subject. The subject, I feel, is not yet fully discussed. And let’s skip the pretense that this vote is the result of any sort of unilaterality. The kind of consensus that can be achieved in the PVP Hurtlocker discord is breathtakingly singular in its composition.

What happened is that the conflict escalated to the point that one side committed an act which threatens, or promises, to be the end of any semblance of civility. Setting off a fervor of exploitative, game breaking abuse which readily could be the death knell for a community that has managed to survive for 20 years.

Trying to smooth over the act is tantamount complicity.

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Ok sir, Since u created a random account, for the purpose of trolling the thread, What is it you want me to say about the froob nt? Mr froob nt, whoever you are what you did was super bad and you will be caught soon! but oh wait we dont know who you are, hmmm atleast tell us why you did it!? oh wait you already did. you did it cuz of Zero and others mbxing at tara earlier that day and mbxing at towers the night before??? oh well… the only thing we cand o is try and change what we can change WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE DOING. So Noctos. dont make a fake account. be clear on your stance and who you are. or just go away. Use Logic.

maybe i missed it but it would be nice to let us know what happened with that froob nt

This is better. Now you are actually speaking your mind. However far that takes you.

This is the problem. Well, if we ignore all the attacks on me for just a moment. This is all about your personal grudge with Zero. In exactly the same way that the NT froob attack was all about the perpetrator’s grudge with Zero. This is what makes this show of diplomacy disingenuous. It represents the side of that froob NT.

You seem very concerned with who I am. I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t know you either. But at the risk of jumping the gun here (and despite not always being the most socially intuitive) I think I’m starting to see the little rosebuds of a blossoming friendship between us.

I just want to play the game i enjoy. Thats it. I dont want the game to become unplayable. I want peace.

There was a 200 froob NT who killed a tower site tl7.
Afaik This nt did it in response to the MB actions of zero and mango the night before, and at Tara raid.
I do not know who the NT is. But i Dont want MORE NT’s popping up. so am trying to stop the situation as best i can.

I think it’d also be helpful if we could achieve a consensus on what constitutes MB’ing.

For example, I think it should include things like only using 2 toons (whether by sync or alt tabbing). Also, if you bring buffing or totem toons to tara and place them in box with your raid, I don’t think that’s OK.

Other than that, I don’t have any issues with people using other paid or froob accounts to buff (say for example if they were kept in 100% at tara), or using other accounts to scout/warp.

Just my own thoughts of course.

I agree Kiz

notum wars happened, in other words


Mmga, froob omni 200 NT heavily stacked today at DAV 6 (Angel Outside) … is that the same NT?

Check out 01:22:30 in this video