Recent patch/fixes

> We’re releasing a patch where we’ve bundled in a few fixes dealing with some pending issues, such as AI pathfinding in the Well of Skelos, neverending combat music, some additional hate list issues, as well as server browser problems.

Still no fixes to the horrible ping times I see. When is that going to happen?

There’s lots of input but no output on the high ping rate issues.

This was today’s and it’s actually worst now than it was yesterday. I’m not one to point fingers but it’s really hard to keep my hand down at this point. At least I can still play, even tho I have to keep relogging every 45 minutes or so due to drop FPS (down from 60 to 5) and latency on the server climbing to the roof (Up to 400 at some points)…And I was the only one playing. I wonder what would happen when there is 10 of us…:joy::joy::joy::joy: Official server btw.

Yes, much worse… I can’t play on my own server if I log in from the hosting machine.

Here is what I wrote on another post and the steps I took to get it to work.

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