Receptive Nerfed!? When Did This Happen?

Call me slow to notice if you will, but over the weekend when I was playing I went to take on the Vitality 4: Receptive perk to aid me in clearing a Vault. And to my surprise I noticed that the description for this perk has changed from “Increases the healing effect of consumable and dancers by 100%” which is also what the official Wiki describes, to now read “Increases the healing effect of consumables and dancers significantly”.

So my questions are: Was this perk nerfed, and if so when did this happen?? I did not see any notifications. Furthermore to this, can anyone tell me me what the new percentage rate this has been tuned down to from the 100% it was previously?

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It was changed in patch Notes some time ago but obviously I don’t know the new value. Check old patch Notes to see what changes exactly was taken but it’s gonna requires lots of reading


For example: I use feasts to heal up and eat/drink, and a lasting feast gives 13 hp every 3 seconds, with 40 vitality it gives 19 hp every 3 seconds.


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