Recipe for heating official servers and others

I have some ideas that in my opinion would make the game much more interesting, and maybe rescue a lot of old players. I think it should be considered for future updates.

1 - Official server with time different from PVP:
Maybe a flexible schedule giving more opportunity for players to compete and “rebuild”, maybe a weekend only pvp, or 1 day pvp and 2 not… More opportunity can mean less player dropping out.

2 - NPC with best items for sale
I believe that many npcs in supermeru for example, are not even used, maybe a random shop that could eventually sell something very good and expensive would be interesting.

3 - Cancel all kinds of extra viewing.
Allowing on PVP servers players can delete mists, unlimited map viewing distance can make a base to be found very easily, decreasing the opportunity for novice players to insert themselves from the server.

4 - Remove hint whether you can build it or not without laying the foundation
This makes it easier to find enemy bases hidden in mountains and something like that, perhaps the most correct would be to show the message “Place not allowed for construction” only if you click to build. “This land already has an owner.”

5 - Prohibited places to build that don’t make sense.
Beautiful places of difficult access are prohibited to build, we have a monopoly of places to build like the south aqueduct, however, in the volcano there are mountains in the middle of the lava with excellent spaces for building bases that are prohibited, it is not difficult to raid, but it’s hidden, without any logic. Maybe some places shouldn’t be banned.

6 - Building Limit (important, the same for everyone, nothing more per clan member).
Maybe the official servers could have a build limit, I have no idea how it would be, but a generous amount would be fine, maybe 2000 pieces, 4000… It would need to be tested how big a base could be, so there would be no lost foundations demarcating terrain, and perhaps improve performance on a crowded server. I know that a lot would change with this, including the damage from the bomb and the gods, but I believe it can be dosed well, balancing the damage under construction.

Finally I think there are many servers with few people playing, I think these changes could heat up the server, the existence of “individual” players surviving with a good hidden defense strategy seems like a cool idea, I think it should be harder to find one base. With these adjustments an individual player for example could have more opportunity, a view (distance, mists) should be the same for everyone.

Complementing item 5…

Look at this location, it’s not that hard to raid a base here, but it’s hidden, maybe it would be a few more options.

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