Recipe: Mail & Trading Post

How about this, two recipes:

  1. Mail

A small mail (may have a better/bigger version too at higher lvls) you can craft to put outisde your house/base or in any place inside your land claim radius. The mail has 12 slots for any itens.

If you prefer, you already can build one manually and leave a chest or cupboard in it, some people already do, some are fancy, some are not, just workable.

A recipe is just a preset build pattern, like an awning.

  1. Trading Post

A building medium size with land claim free indoors, whoever construct offers a place for trading, and this allows the indoors free for clans and players leave a chest of choice, no vaults included (maybe on a bigger version?). It can even has a slot for a Merchant Thrall that would act as auction. (of course, I suppose this have some code work for such a system exists, but its not impossible right) :full_moon_with_face:

This way players can make frequent trades resulting in a commerce birth on the server, people still must controll everything, the Trading Post are raidable, it depends on how people bond together to defend it, thralls defenders, there could be treason, the entire story of the server would change because there are coin involved now in this society, its very likely that clans living together in a same world, they would want to have an easier way to get something in particular, like a rare material someone may have and offer a price for it, or getting a coin selling stuff you got the plenty, or even being the antagonist, gather the rebells and invade the Trading Post.

Quality of life in a nutshell.

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