Recipes only obtained through exploration and looting

Instead of getting all recipes by assigning skill points, we should get the recipes of a weapon or of a raw material after visiting or looting a camp, cave, dungeon, etc/

I am proposing this suggestion as after more than 150 gaming hours, I am still focusing on building a great fortress in solo mode and I have only explored one cave. I am so addicted to the construction aspect that I am kind of lazy with the rest of the game features and I don’t like to take the risk of being killed while looking for resources. If I had to raid ennemies to get all these recipes, this would force me to explore the map and would make the game so much longer

Most won’t like this idea at all, me included. This sounds more like something that YOU should address with your own play style instead of asking for the entire game to change to better suit your own personal needs.


Or you could learn weapons and armor recipes from the delving bench or dismantling bench.

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