Recipes too easy to get

As in the title, is it too easy to get the recipes even while they are protected by a Boss.

Why do i say that? Well, atleast you don’t have to beat the Boss to learn the Recipes. Just run through there and read all the stones standing around there. :confused:

Sure. For some Recipes you need Materials from the Boss to craft them. But it would be much better if it would be required to kill the boss before you can read the stones for the recipes. Maybe with something that the boss drops that will give you the ability to read the recipe.

And please make the bosses harder to beat. But not only by adding more life to them. Some Mechanics would be nice. Something the player have to do to beat the boss. And some new abilitys that are hard to avoid and do heavy damage, if you can’t avoid it. The Undead dragon needs something that causes damage around him. Like swinging it’s tail or something like that. Well, it’s hard to do new stuff. But sometimes you can use stuff that is already been used somewhere. :wink:

I say that, because it’s boring to kill them solo. And yes. The new combat system makes it possible to beat every boss in this game on your own. :smile:

AND sorry for my bad english. :stuck_out_tongue: