Recipes - What did I just learn from that note?

Is there a way to know what recipe(s) were just learned when reading a note?

For example, I go into a camp and find a note and after reading the note I notice on the right side of the screen that “learned new recipes” shows up. That’s great, but it doesn’t (that I know of) tell me exactly what I just learned.

Do you have to go to each crafting station and try to find out what’s new? Just seems odd that you get a notification that you learned “something” new…but aren’t actually told what it was.

A copy of the note with the new recipe(s) on it would even be nice to have in your inventory.


Unfortunately, it is pretty much just as you’ve interpreted. And it has ever been a thorn in my side.

If you keep track of all you know vigilantly (study your individual Feats sub/Categories), you’ve a much better chance of figuring what you’ve learned by again viewing your Feats after each discovery. With time and experience (multiple playthroughs), you’ll begin to memorize the locations of the recipes, emotes, dances, lore, etc. That is, if you’re like me and enjoy trying to find it all on your own.

Otherwise you can interact with players on servers, here in the forums, search for guides and maps in Google and Steam guides to get help with which specific recipes are learned at given locations.

EDIT: It was much worse with the original Feats interface. I believe they will continue to tweak such things in the coming months, especially after things have settled from Launch. However, I’ve heard nothing to indicate any specifics. It is just my belief and faith in this team. And it is great having fresh eyes such as yours lending to the process of determining what is lacking, needs the most work, etc.

from what i’ve seen, it’s cooking recipes. go back and open up your stove and look for new things.

A Tome of Knowledge will be helpful in this instance. All new encounters with creatures, NPCs, new recipes will be documents and you get a prompt in the journal showing what you just learned.

I agree, this is still incredibly confusing trying to figure out what I just learned. This should be put in the suggestions section just in case.

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Any new recipes your learn will show up in the knowledge/feats tab as a learned skill. Most of them are Specialist Cooking and will show up under survival but the weapons and armor will show up under their category.