Recollections Of Exile

I don’t know who that was, but…

She squinted through the sand that was sweeping in as the sun rose above dark jagged mountains in the distance. Something about them called to her, but her rumbling belly called out louder

He could have at least left something to eat she wined internally to herself as a pout crossed her lips. Stumbling along the desert road, she soon came across a gathering of small sandstone huts trailing down a nearby hill. Nervous of threats and unaware of her surroundings, she kept to the bushes and darted from cover to cover while mentally mapping the terrain. Further on down a ways there was a great river with a massive, ancient, crumbling yet stoic bridge looming far above. Just below, a smaller bridge built like the huts nearby stood in its own imposing right.

Night fast approached and her stomach continued to rumble, louder and louder. As she looked around, she realized just how dry her mouth was as her gaze finally fell upon the water. Falling to her knees, she laughed and let out a sigh as she drank her fill of surprisingly delicious water

Must be the fish poop she thought, causing her to giggle. Looking around quickly, she took a moment to take it all in. She still didn’t understand what had happened or where she was. Letting out another sigh, she gazed down at the water which had calmed a bit. Her eyes lingered for a moment longer as she finally glanced upon her naked flesh, causing her to let out a screech. Reflexively, she covered herself as she stumbled and scrambled into a nearby bush. Face aflush with flame she collected herself, laughing lightly at her reaction.

“Get it together” she whispered to herself as she took a deep breath. The leaves she hid in were large and pliable, so she set to stripping them and weaving them into some makeshift clothing. By the time she finished, night had set in, and she was no closer to finding shelter. Cautiously she retraced her steps to where she first came upon the seemingly abandoned huts. Over and out of the way a bit was a small cliff face that stretched off into the distance.

Seems quiet enough Sticking to the shadows cast by the icy moon above, she crept along the base of the cliffs until she lost sight of the abandoned village. Once sufficiently out of view, she finally set about to lashing together some tools when it suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks. Instant cramps ripped through her stomach as she keeled over in pain,suddenly realizing that she had completely forgotten to eat. *How does someone even forget that?" she thought with a wince. Looking around, all she could see in the dark were a few scrawny, bristly trees surrounded by some rocks and the same bushes from before.

“Oh yea!” she quietly exclaimed with a painful smile, followed by a sudden frown. There were all kinds of fat grubs on those bushes, maybe I could… her frown deepened as she imagined the squirming things wrestling around in her mouth. Nearly vomiting from the thought, she doubled over, nearly vomiting again from the hunger. Not even thinking at that point, she stumbled to the bushes, collapsing to her knees as she tore through the leaves with newfound vigor. In no time at all she had a few handfuls of writhing, slimy, fuzzy grubby grubs. Not sparing a single moment, she closed her eyes and set to work.


Her sudden belch rolled out across the desert, like thunder rolling 'cross the planes. Hours had quickly passed her by while she had set up a small hidden shelter, nudged ever forward by the biting desert chill, nipping at her skin. Startled by her sudden expulsion, she peered out across the blue-lit desert sands that rolled off into the distance like mist pouring off a mountain’s base.

This time, this time it’ll work For what had to be the hundredth time, she rapidly moved her hands back and forth, causing the stick between them to quickly rotate and heat up the wood it had been wedged into. In a resounding rebuttal of her resolve, nothing happened. Shivering as a crisp wind set in, she gave it one last shot. Maybe it was just everything catching up with her all once, or maybe it was just fight or flight, but something gave her a burst of energy as she gave it her all.

And there it was.


A huge smile broke out across her defeated face as she dropped down low and cupped her hands around it. Grabbing the dried plant pieces she had set aside, she gently set them upon the rising flame. In moments, a respectable flame was crackling away, consuming more and more logs as she let out a much-deserved yawn. Stretching out across the ground, the night finally took her, and she was asleep.



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