Recoverable Arrows / Auto Select Arrows

I know its really buggy with throwing weapons and recovery and equipped stacks deleting picked up items…
BUT, I would like to request recoverable arrows in the form of a 50-75% for a non-special projectiles to appear in the NPC inventory AND in our inventory (when hit). The same way throwing weapons do.

I would also like to request the toggleable option to autoselect next projectile on weapon empty. (Hotbar left-to-right, inventory left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

I know its not Conan, but I would love to do this:

(if it’s hard to see he is pulling an arrow out of his back and then is going to shoot the arrow aggressively)

My ideal set up is bringing no arrows, and if an archer hits me I pull out my bow and snap it right back at them without having to interact with the UI.

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