Recruitment for upcoming RP server( PvE, Boosted Level Advancement, Boosted harvest)

Join Discord:

If you have any questions please join discord

1:Respect all players. This includes staff members. Treat others with kindness and respect like they should to you.

2:Dont post furry, underage, or any other extreme form of ■■■■■■■■■■■ in #nsfw. Keep any forms of allowed pornographic materials in #nsfw

3:You can cuss, just dont go over the top. And no racial slurs or such. Our bots will punish you severely for saying racist or homophobic slurs. Also dont spam, we have a anti spam bot.

Rule 4:Do NOT break bonds with thralls without my permission if it’s unowned or the thralls owners permission if it’s owned.

Rule 5:Do NOT destroy buildings or pieces without the owners permission.

Rule 6:Do NOT ever destroy admin built community buildings such as the hall of champions

:octopus: Crach an Craite :octopus: (aka High King)
This is meant to be a server that imitates many MMORPG qualities, (although on a far smaller scale as Conan only allows 60 players max) and with survival attributes. We are all in a huge megatribe, working as a united civilization to conquer the world, building massive cities, raiding dungeons as a huge group for superb rewards, and doing whatever it takes to survive.
We have towns with homes for members to live in and shops for them to trade with, a law system to punish stealing from other civilians/soldiers, events held to increase morale, and an arena for soldiers to practice against one another
You can do whatever you want but we would like you to build aesthically pleasing and roleplay buildings, and play with the group, no size limits we encourage you to take over and conquer the server just don’t block major spawns or crash the server.
We also are a megatribe because it allows a very unique server were we can conquer together, a style that this game has never before seen.
Our goal is to colonize the server and have a blast, we have a in depth system and even allow fragments of power to be used as a special leveling system that allows access to magic and abilities beyond comprehension.
We have an admin shop as well that sells legendary gear, rare items, and purge thralls.

Every kingdom land, (Jungle, Mounds, Forest, Snow/Volcanoes, East desert, West desert) gets one jarl. To become a jarl you must fight and win against a kinscourge in a 1v1, which is indeed possible, and if their is a current Jarl you must beat them. You get one attempt to become jarl per week and can die 3 times, and can only rule one kingdom. If you exit the arena during your fight you forfiet one of your three lives. If their is a sitting jarl they can only be challenged twice a week. Jarls help to monitor their lands and form cities, hire builders, etc. They get a jarls longhouse in their kingdom, built in a Nordic leaning style that blends into their kingdoms style, but shows the provinces Nordic roots.
Every Jarl can appoint two thanes. Thanes have access to a guest bedroom in their jarls long house and help the Jarl with their matters.


Sounds great, but your discord link has expired.