Recycle ghost town servers

I like the journey to 60 a lot and have about 5 or 6 level 60 characters. I would like to see servers that are identified as recycle candidates (frequently “underpopulated,” old hardware, etc.) recycled and spun up as new servers. A lot of players have never experienced what it is like to start on a new server and I think it would be intriguing for many a player - those who have moved to other games, those on servers with alphas, etc.


If a server is left alone long enough, cleans itself up with the decay and hunger mechanics.

Or at least it should, this game can be buggy i s’pose.

I meant that the whole server goes offline, all the database tables are truncated, and a new vm is spun up at GPortal hosting a fresh copy of Conan Exiles

Yep…a fresh server, a fresh start.
Same happened on full launch, people had their peak there.

It’s a very unique experience, and I think it would be great to have more variants for the official servers. Going as far to create seasonal servers which run for three months until they get wiped again. Or reintroducing mayhem again, as some loved these…


Nope, I’m going to be so pissed if the server i play on wipes my character, I know there’s has been almost 0 people on, but that’s not the issue.

Can we have a mayhem server again? I would love to have more diversity and have an old server recycled to mayhem.

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Do they post the server pop stats? That would be the only way to know which are dead.

Not exactly. But checking single servers via battlemetrics helps a lot. If during 7 days up to 10 people log in to a server, it’s basically dead.
High activity is at 200 individual players per day. That leaves room for way more per week.
i.e. 1153
This server got a crazy amount of 3 individual people having logged in during the last week in total.
1-2 players during the last 7 days.

As this is a pvp server, this should count as dead.
Lots of others are stuck at 5-15 players per week.

If they wipe / recycle an official server they need to at very least allow importing naked characters to other servers. I don’t care about any loot or structures at all… but the grind to 60 on x1 rates is a ball-ache. :confused:

Character import/export should be doable, I think the character data is relatively flat as far as what it looks like in an RDB - if their database is NoSQL then it would be even easier. I think the main problem is that import/export would be something gPortal would have to do since they manage the server hardware.

Has Funcom ever mentioned anything about character import/export?

Go ahead and reuse the PvP servers, but some on the PvE side have been there since day one. We have stuff we could never duplicate in another server. Moving everything would tie up customer service for years.
If your server is dead, move.

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