Recycled drops in structure or decoration?


being a big farmer of a lot of everything I often do too much structure or equipment and I wondered if there was nothing to recycle all that even if we get only 25% of the resource used ?

Sell it to other players either directly or through player owned merchant thralls?

Hello, I play locally and I am therefore alone for various personal reasons and I did not know that we could tame NPCs to sell them items.

PS: I use google to translate because I’m french

There is not. But there should be.

If you play singleplayer there is no need to collect resources at all, just set yourself as admin and give yourself whatever you want. It took some time before i noticed that was an option too.


Thank you for the advise but I do not want cheaté because it reduces the life of the game, already I play solo and therefore PvE.