Red Death Gaming(Pvp/PvE) USA east coast / Active admins / No wipes / 5 mods / PC/ Warps/ Kits

Red Death Gaming are a community of laid back mature players who enjoy casually playing and enjoying the game for its content,We are dedicated to making the best gaming experience possible by our community. Our server is fairly new, however our community is not. We always have players in our discord if you should need help,We are always willing to help new players.

  1. You must put a tag of [PVP] or [PVE] in your clan name.
    2.PVP is only allowed if both parties agree to it, by putting the [PVP] tag in your clan name or joining a clan with this tag you automatically agree to PVP at
    any time or place. DO NOT Attack or loot clans, players,thralls/pets,or bases with a tag of [PVE] doing this you will be reprimanded by an admin.
    PVE clans are to be left alone!
    2.Do not mark you clan pvp attack a pve base then switch your clan tag to pve to avoid repercussions or vise versa if caught you will be banned.
    3.No harassment,discrimination or any other excessive behavior of any kind will be tolerated you will be banned.
    4.All bases have a right to defense regardless if pvp or pve so be aware of your surroundings.If you get killed by pve base defenses it’s your fault and there will be no retaliation
    or vise versa.
  2. DO NOT advertise for other servers/communities you will be banned.

*inventory dropped on death
*anyone can loot players corpse
Harvest amount multiplier- 2.0
*exp multiplier-1.0
*thrall conversion multiplier-1.0
*item conversion multiplier-1.0
*Idle hunger multiplier-1.0
*Active hunger multiplier-1.0
*restrict pvp building damage- false
*Unconscious time 900.0 sec
*Nudity allowed- None

*Compass Icon
*Fashionist v2.9.0

Server ip and port:
Discord (link in game)

Welcoming all types of players and willing to help new ones too.

We have both Pve and Pvp clans! There’s alot of space left to build.

Still looking for players