Red-Empire-Role-Play- AOC (PvP RP/ERP 18+)

Sever name: Red empire (PVP-RP/ERP) 18+
server ip:
daily restert: every 12 hours
Red Empire is a growng server based from US-West but is open for everyone all round the world. We are a roleplaying server for you to enjoy making fascinating character, telling amazing stories and meet new players and form clans. Our admin team is working hard to make this server great by adding content(eg: dungeons, quest chains, ect.) as well as supporting our players with anything they need to make their story great.

server settings
We have a knock-out 2x before death and body will remain in world server. PvP is encouraged in the server but to kill someone you must role play before the combat. Please do not kill anyone if they are sleeping for they cannot particapate in the role playing. Player damage to building is on and the Purge is on. We encourange the use of bedrolls and not sleepin next to windows becasue your body can be looted. Breaking into chests and tables are not permitted except during a RP fued. Breaking into someones house will give the owner of the house the right to kill on sight the player breaking in but only in their house, if the player leaves 20 ft the house they cannot be killed without RP combat. We would like to see stories about intrigue, grudges, betrayal, alliance, and even romance (with or without ERP) and so much more that you can think of. Please remember that WE ARE AN 18+ SERVER and you must state that you are not a minor in our Discrd Consent Form before being allowed in-game.
more detailed server settings:
Slots: 50
Battleye Enabled: False
Logout Characters RemainIn The World: FALSE
Drop Equipment On Death: FALSE
Drop Shortcut Bar On Death: FALSE
Drop Backpack On Death: FALSE
Everybody Can Loot Corpse: FALSE
Enable Sand Storm: TRUE
Avatars Disabled: TRUE

Durability Multiplier: .5
Player Food Multiplier: .3
Player Water Multiplier: .3
Player Idle Thirst Multiplier: .1
Player Active Thirst Multiplier: .3
Player Offline Thirst Multiplier: .1
Player Idle Hunger Multiplier: .1
Player Idle Hunger Multiplier: .1
Player Active Hunger Multiplier: .3
Player Offline Hunger Multiplier: .1
Shield Durability Multiplier: .5
Day Cycle Speed Scale: .6
Day Time Speed Scale: .4
Night Time Speed Scale: .4
Dawn Dusk Speed Scale: .6
Harvest Amount Multiplier: 5.0
Item Spoil Rate Scale: .2
Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 2.0
Land Claim Radius Multiplier: .5
Clan Purge Trigger: 20000.00
Clansize: 12

Player XP Rate Multiplier: 4.0
Player XP Kill Multiplier: 3.0
PlayerXP Harvest Multiplier: 2.0
PlayerXP Craft Multiplier: 3.0
Player XP Time Multiplier: 1.0

Crafting Cost Multiplier: 1
Item Conversion Multiplier (Crafting Speed): .2
Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier: .2
Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier: .2
Thrall Conversion Multiplier: .3

We do have some perks for you after you have completed the joining process.

  • New playter kits- basic items to help you get started
  • VIP Kits-
  • Base building kit- basic items to help you get you base down and started
  • /sethome is free to all who have a base down and after you can type /home to transpot home from any location
    We reqire Discord and use it for Server Announcements, to chat with your fellow exiles, to put up you charater’s bio, or mayne participate in the group RP thread for the moments you are not able to join game. We also have interactive bots. If you do not wish to participate, just mute those channels.

This is a modded server, with several popular mods that will enhance your expirence and faceilitate RP/ERP if you so choose.
Our current Mod list:
Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.0.2
Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
Glass Constructions and more…
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
Emberlight 2.1.2
Conan Sexiles 3.1.5
Conspirator Armor
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Improved Quality of Life
Roleplay 1.8.1
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
The Age of Calamitous
Stacksize Plus v1.6.0 (DLC compatible)
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Is open?

yes it is

server still up? and can i get a discord link