Red Lotus [EU e/RP-PVP]

Red Lotus (e/RP-PVP)
Red Lotus is a highly immersive conan lore server which caters for a hostile and dark form of Role-Play. It rewards players for ‘staying true’ to their race as well as those who handle conflict as situations for development creativity, and maturity. We have also tried to include others with set areas of neutrality and afford them the opportunity to grow stories in ‘relative’ peace.

To provide an ever changing world which includes quality, immersive and dynamic Role-Play in an attempt to shift current norms by aiding players in grasping the mindset that the exiled lands is a prison… that death is a part of life and conflict/suffering are natural parts to it.

Your story begins with your awakening from beneath a cross in the harsh desert sun. It beats down on your weakened body with furious and malicious intentions and when you finally gather the strength to lift yourself from the torment of blistering sand. With nothing but cloth covering your body you rummage through the vile stench of decomposing corpses of the ‘lucky ones’ who had escaped this prison in hopes of finding anything of value. You notice a small satchel containing the absolute basics for survival and a blunt weapon… Perhaps the Gods have favoured you, or perhaps they enjoy your continued suffering - whatever their reason your Exilement has seen you thrown into the middle of a fight for survival.

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Server Settings
  • :white_small_square: Player Max Level: 60
  • :white_small_square: Clan Size: 8
  • :white_small_square: Drop on Death: No
  • :white_small_square: God Avatars: Disabled (Restricted to possible events)
  • :white_small_square: Purge: Deactivated
  • :white_small_square: Building Decay: No
  • :white_small_square: Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
  • :white_small_square: Experience Rate: 1.5
  • :white_small_square: Harvesting Rate: 2.0
  • :white_small_square: Resource Respawn Rate: 1.0
  • :white_small_square: NPC Damage 1.5
  • :white_small_square: NPC Respawn Rate: 1.5
  • :white_small_square: Thrall Convert Time: 0.4
  • :white_small_square: Crafting Time: 0.4

:pushpin: Modlist

:white_small_square: Pippi
:white_small_square: Stacksize Plus
:white_small_square: Unlockable Containers
:white_small_square: Roleplay Mod
:white_small_square: Immersive Armors
:white_small_square: Slaver Mod
:white_small_square: Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod
:white_small_square: Exiles Extremes
:white_small_square: Dungeon Master Tools
:white_small_square: Less Building Placement Restrictions
:white_small_square: Barbarian Barber
:white_small_square: RA Aesthetics
:white_small_square: Emberlight
:white_small_square: Shadows of Skelos Extended
:white_small_square: Shadows of Skelos vol. 2
:white_small_square: Northern Timber
:white_small_square: Warrior Mutator
:white_small_square: Fashionist
:white_small_square: Improved Quality of Life
:white_small_square: Red Lotus Server Mod

:white_small_square: Steam Direct: http://steam//connect/
:white_small_square: IP:
:white_small_square: Port: 7777

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Would it be wrong to promote our own server? :blush:

Hey, quick question. Are you text/voice based for RP?

We are Text-Based RP