Red Mother not dropping skeleton keys

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Possible Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: US

So admittedly I have a small sample size, but I have killed the Red Mother in the Unnamed City a few times and have yet to get a skeleton key off of her. I assume she is supposed to drop one as there is a chest behind her on her left hand side that says I can’t open it. Can anyone else confirm if they have received a skeleton key off her?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Kill Red Mother
  2. Apply aloe vera for scrapes and burns
  3. Harvest Red Mother corpse and not get skeleton key.
  4. Cry when no skeleton key drops.

thats not your world boss, is a boss that drops fragments of power , and have a chance for legendary armor or weapons)

not a bug.

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So there is just a random legendary loot chest behind her? That is what is confusing me about the whole issue. Does the chest need to be removed or changed or is there another secret to the chest I haven’t discovered yet?

no she has a chance of dropping something in their inventory. same as the other bosses.

I understand that she drops fragments of power and sometimes legendary weapons when you loot her. My question stems from the fact that there is a legendary item chest (I assume) off to her left that gives you an error message when you try to open it. No other boss has a chest you can’t open next tto them. If she is not dropping a skeleton key when you harvest her, why is that chest there? Or does it not require a skeleton key?

as far as i know there is no legendary chest behind her

I got a key during the CtA event, but none since and I’ve killed it 3 times since. I was starting to wonder if it changed, when they changed the relic hunters drops to no longer have fragments.

I’ll make a few more runs through there and see if it remains zero keys. For the most part, I rarely fail to loot a key from any of the other world bosses.

Here is a screen cap of the chest and where it is on the map.

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you can acquire a skeleton key from a different boss, then use it on the Red Dragon Chest to check if it is a legendary drop.

Maybe that’s why the Yeti doesn’t have one? She won his in a game of poker

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they did say in patch notes, the Yeti won’t have a chest, but will only drop the key to be used elsewhere.

that one is a legendary chest. Or it was during the CtA event.

It is there now on pve c server so yes there is a legendary chest there

It was just a joke…

i know. but wanted to put that out there, because not all chests may have a key now as well.

So after work I logged in to SP and continuously spawned the Red Mother for 10 minutes, with damage adjusted so I could kill her in 2 hits. I got zero skeleton keys from all the corpses. I tried every tool except, I now realize, a pickaxe.

Unrelated, harvesting her with a pick will yield brimstone as a byproduct and using axe gives you Exotic Meat as a byproduct. We’ll see if a pickaxe gives both.

Asking for the wiki, is this creature really called Red Mother or is this a nickname? If so, what creature are you refering to?

Note, the Red Dragon is not a Legendary Creature. There might be one around there, but we dont have it on the wiki afaik. The chest I see on the picture says Open so I suppose you’re able to open it normally but I’ve not touched Legendary Chests.

LOL, see the attached screenshot. She’s listed as a boss in the Admin Panel. Not the same as the Red Dragon.

EDIT: I would guess that, being a part of this list, she’s not supposed to drop a key. So I’m back to my other question of why the chest is there. I did confirm that the chest requires a Skeleton Key to open and gives one of the original legendary weapons.

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Hey everybody,

Thanks for sending us your feedback about this. We’ll inform our team and see if this is an intentional situation or not. :slight_smile:

The Red Dragon in the Spawning Pits in the unnamed City is a boss Variant of the Red Dragon, called “The Red Mother”.

The other Red Dragon on the northern borders of teh City is your regular Red Dragon.