Redeemed PvP - A server for adults without toxicity!

Redeemed PvP is lightly modded 24/7 PvP server with weekend raids and an adult community - If you’re looking for relaxed place to PvP and raid without toxicity this is for you.

-3 man max clan, solo/duo/trio. 25 Max total clan thralls!
-3x Harvest and xp rates
-Weekend raids on Friday/Sat/Sun
-NO passive corruption, No sandstorm.
-One Week fast Decay system.
-An entire voting system built around making a server that people want. Your voice matters!

The mods include the following:

-Pippi - User & Server Management
-Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
-Less Building Placement Restrictions

US East coast based, average ping of 70. PvP server - English.

Direct connect information:
IP -
Port - 29700