Redo the Loot Tables for the Under Water Dungeon

The loot tables don’t represent the difficulty of the underwater dungeon. Why do stone picks appear on bosses? Why is there stone in chests in the dungeon? Redo the tables to make it worth repeating the dungeon. Why not more gold and silver, how about putting elixers, starmetal, a legendary, even better some shards!

Additionally, the weapons should be at least on par with starmetal weapons considering you need scales to make them. The scales need to worth going back for. As it is now its not worth the effort to redo the dungeon.


I haven’t been to the Sunken City yet, but judging from the admin panel at least the Dagger of Dagon seems to be far superior to a starmetal dagger. Not sure about the trident/spear.

Or are there other craftable weapons as well?

Thanks so much for hearing me. I suggested this new atlantis idea on one of my suggestions and im happy with the dev team. Keep up the good work!!

Yes the daggers are really good, but the other weapons that can crafted are not as good as starmetal or serpetmen. I find it really disheartening that we beat the final boss and find a stone pick and fiber on her. This is really bad. Some chests have gold and silver but most have things like steeel, thick leather, berries and other trash. For a dungeon this hard it should have much more rewarding loot otherwise why ever go back to redo the dungeon. Why no fragments of power, dragon powder, elixers, starmetal bars etc?

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Maybe the fish people just picked up all the garbage that has been tossed into the sea and put it in their pockets and chests for safekeeping??

Sarcasm aside, I would agree the loot tables need a boost.

On another funny note, I found a pocketful of dung in an heirs of the north npc loot drop. :wink: So at least we’re not finding literal sh*t in the sunken city… at least not yet.


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