Reduce crafting clutter, allow favorites of commonly used things and remove padding and any repetitive items

When building I have to scroll though to get to the sandstone I regularly use or the stone-block, which looks similar to and is blocked by walls of repetitive things. If I could favorite the ones I regularly use like 7 days to die that would be awesome.

Another problem have is for armor padding needs to be made seperatly from armor and is organized in a haphazard way, if you have to have those and all the basic and regulars at the very top that would be great. Though even beter, just eliminate it so I dont have to keep searching for the padding of the catagory (light medium heavy and for each limb and part). The materials for padding and armor just combine in the cost of the armor.

Racial crafting also takes up allot of space, I like having the things because they are cool who wouldn’t want to be or have minions that are fantasy roman legionary, samurai, or have a palace that was coated in gold, but… but being that materials and stats are same for all off the advanced racial building why not just have it be made in same menu of the equivelent tech say tech 3 stone whatever and you have a selection of picking the style for the block.

The same reducing the clutter of racial weapons and armors would be great too, having just a simple base item like pike then selecting racial (and the racial can rename it for people who like it being called a jabori shabura or whatever), at the same time can make the racials consistent tech levels with non-radials of iron and steel, which would be great because if I am at a particular tech level I want to often have a racial skin, but some racials for weapons have lower mats and lower stats which makes them a cool looking but soon obsoleted items.

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