Reduce fish trap spam

If the ultimate goal of changing fish trap mechanics, just the reduction of spam, why don’t we just limit the number of traps per player?
Give a limit of 1 or two traps per player and there won’t be spam, and people won’t cry because they need to babysit.
Do I miss something?


Sounds good. A simple solution. Fishing rods could be a more complex one. The easiest solution could be to increase the drop rate of fish oil.


Goals are:
Survival <-- Food <-- Fishes
Domination <-- Armour <-- Materials <-- ? historically not fishes

Appealing environment <-- spoilt by random foundations and many traps
Low server load <-- spoilt by machines doing heartbeat ticks

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You got me there :rofl:
“Using their fishing expertise, the Spanish province of Galicia quickly took over the world and dominated countless peoples”


In a game involving seas and oceans shipwrighting counts.

But what won their war the grandmother of COVID. And measles (another RNA-virus) helped.

When the fishtrap nerf hits ps4, i’ll have 5x heaps to go with my traps. The oil must flow.


or just stockpile oil in 100 chests or even more :smiley:


Im doing that now. Got 120 fishtraps humming and 11 oil presses. Toss one back for old Joe Hazelwood!

You can always make a shed with stack upon stack of compost bin with 1 compost in each which gonna generate grub to power your fishtrap

Fish decay 2 fast, traps require constant watching, I spam 5x compost for every trap so just more spam, its a bad mechanic, i think it needed change but don’t make me stand by traps for a couple hours to get a suit of epic armor, everythings a grind already and i like it, but this isnt any fun

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How? How would you limit how many traps a person can have? Would a player only be able to make 2 traps and if they get lost or broken then oh well? Would it stop you from placing more then two? How would you accomplish that? There is no mechanic in the game that limits the number of plaseables you can put down.

Maybe there should be one? That wouldn’t be bad for the servers :wink:
But let’s not go too deep in this territory, lest I start talking about reducing the amount of foundations people should be able to use… People don’t like when i do that :slight_smile:

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Honestly I was thinking same thing, the issues they seem to have… just seems like easy answer is to limit how many per area.

Baskets traps are about setting and forgetting. You really only need 1 each in area, cause really as my uncle use to say… would you rather check 10 traps or 1.

I always had fun up north… eating “stupid fish” who werent smart enough to get out of traps. XD

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Or they could just adjust the amount of oil you get from pressing seeds.

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Or that…but let’s face it, no one would bother fishing anymore right?
Most foods are already useless now, would be a pity if fishing was useless too.

We cant make a game full of limits and full of “contrapoints of abuse” because some people are (insert your kind of concept of people who are not nice here).

There is a moment in which we need to stop limiting the game for normal people based on (insert here how you call people who are quick-witted in spoiling the fun of others).

I want my game to work and be fun for me, and if I play solo, if I play in a community closed server, or with only my friends, I dont want to be bothered by what amounts to just “satisfying Official Server Players”.

If something can be made for that end that is entirely optional, ok, go for it, but if something is made that impacts everyone just because Offical Server Players are (insert here the concept of self entitlement grandiure you are fond of), that is not good practice.

Statistics show that the number of people playing this game that never played in Official servers is much grater than the those who did, and much more than those who often do. (Steam data about how many people play this game compared to data on official server usage).

So changes in this regard should actually be limitations deactivated by default in solo and private games, like they did with Thralls and Family Sharing.

No sense in embedding mechanics to prevent abuse that will do little to no good for solo players.

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I totally agree. Also thanks for leaving stuff up to people’s own interpretation. That was entertaining :slight_smile:

I also agree it’s a shame to change working game mechanics in order to make sure (people) don’t act like (bad type of people), but isn’t that what the new fishtrap change was about?

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I also like to take things to a bigger picture, I dont like to talk about “specific cases”.

They say economics is not about solving problems, but deciding what problems must be solved by someone else. On that approach, we learn a lot about “Rates of Change”, “Order of Change” and “Critical Masses”.

Problems do not exist in a vacuum, and the problem of people being (insert your favorite animal reference for people who does wrong for fun or ignorance) is not solved by preventing people from doing things for fun or ignorance, but by offering the people who knows better or see no fun in it to go be with their own.

The people who makes those amazing works in castles and other buildings are essentially making use of the same rules the people who foundation spam and generally harass other people. Is it just to make the builder’s life worse to prevent abuse ?

If I want to build a nice fishing village in my server to share with my friends, is it just to prevent me from doing it so people dont abuse somewhere else ?


That’s your server, your rules. I’ve seen private server using building restrictions to prevent server loads, and it just works! People who like to build nice eventually manage to do it within the limits. I don’t understand why no one wants building restrictions in officials after we spent over 2 years complaining about both lagging issues and ugly foundation spam…

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Most people do not even care about Official Servers.

Data shows that people who play this game mostly in official servers are a small fraction of the playerbase (Comparing data from steam on how many people play this game actively with Official server data, which can be collected easily by anyone).

The problem is, while I know it is frustrating to be subject of Official Server abuse, the game is not and should not be developed solely based on how people abuse it.

It is like banning all types of knives, or changing all knives to “butter knives” because someone stabbed someone else.

Settings is always a good thing. Changes that impact everyone for the sake of some, that is not good practice.

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