Reduce the height of some benchs to 1 wall?

I always build a 6 x 8 x 2 base to hide on PVP, the best defense is to build small, hide and never use the chat :slight_smile:

So it is possible to reduce the height of precision cauldron, tinker and garnison armorer benchs to 1 wall height? It is ok for precision carpenter.

I can still fit all benchs I need in the base, but this is what it look like now (solo play for testing) :

Another thing, why is the point to build for example the trade carpenter bench for better speed at full cost? It is best to build 2 precision carpenter benchs for reduce cost and better speed ā€¦

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How about a thatch roof? Iā€™d put tall benches in the middle.

It is on purpose. The size of benches is to make base building harder. Everything is geared towards new map.

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