Reducing the clutter to set players free to play the game

reducing the clutter to set players free to play the game

this issue is present in many parts of the game, I will try to explain it better by providing some examples

To be effective in pvp you need many things on you such as:

  • differnt weapons (bow with differnt ammunition to catch up and or fisnish, javelin to defend in water, etc.)
  • poison/oil et. for the weapon
  • Armor: differnt specific pieces for your build and temperature balance
  • buff food to rebuff after 60 minutes (for try-hards that includes not only potions/elexies but warpaints and books)
  • club and rope (you knever know if you get purged or find a good thrall)
  • repair hammer (u want to check decay timer and hitpoints when exploring)
  • you need plenty of food and drink
  • you need numbing wraps to heal bleed
  • potion of freedome to cleanse the cripple
  • set antidote (or ledengary) to get rid of the poison
  • plenty of healing potions /tea
  • a harvesting tool (at least pick axe if not more if you want to be somewhat effcient)
  • climbing gear
  • a NPC with stuff or horse
  • night eye potion or at least a torch

could be more and if not please corret me or if I’m correct feel free to use it as a guide XD

everytime you die you have to have everything ready again in such a way it does not take 30 minutes to get it all together and reading the “cheat-sheet” of things to take with you

if you do only pve combat you can do with less, but if you don’t want to run back to base every time you want to do something different or react to an “event” you are out of “luck”.

same when it comes to all the crafting and differnt material and steps to craft a legendary amour, it is very cumbersome. I do understand that this process gives value to it but still I rather spend some of that time playing a more exciting part of the game.

same wiht all the differnt gathering tools, all in all my my good frind called it like this: “you need to be a swiss army knife”

One of the possible solutions (also stated by WhatMightHaveBeen) was NOTto drop all your gear and toolbar items everytime you die. I’m not so sure how this could be balanced but it would certainly solve this issue.

I don’t have a perfect solution for it but a good start could be to consider to reduce some of the clutter u need overall.

I could also think about removing or reworking some items and features such as “buffing healing/drink and food” I never understood why warpaints now also only last 1 hour. Maybe all buffs should last untill you are dead. Armor and weapons are with you untill they are worn out (damge to them is significant if you die with them on you) numbing wraps antidote and healing could be combined by alchemist into one potion keeping the materials u need the same.

There is another option, to play naked and only equipped what you specifily need for the task, most of the content you can do naked and by doing so risking virtual nothing. What appears to be the meta.

thank you for reading.

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