[Reference Doc] Where Does Your Character Work?



So, motivated by a question on Secret Twitter, I thought it’d be fun to see where everyone’s characters work ICly. I’m sure many characters have day jobs, or own companies (like this old list from TSW), or are otherwise gainfully employed in places other than the main factions.

If you run such a character, tell us where they work in this spreadsheet! Help keep it up to date so folks can refer back to it anytime for networking opportunities.

P.S. I imagine some characters may hold multiple and/or ‘confidential’ jobs – no obligation to list any not meant for public knowledge! If you do, however, remember to leave a quick note in the Remarks column clarifying if it’s fine for others to reference such jobs as RP hooks, etc.


I’m realizing that I wish the document had included folks’ forum names so we could DM people and see if they were interested any RP collaborations, rather than just hoping to catch them in game.


Oh, good point! Adding…