Reflections after 3400 hours

I have played 3700 hours and I think I can give my opinion of the game. Currently funcom has not kept its promises and what it has introduced leaves a lot to be desired.
Pets are currently the same as slaves to fight and load with resources, every time you need a new one you have to go find puppies. really need? already having the slaves ?. if they had fulfilled everything described they should at least have been able to produce something while they were in cages and not just manure.
regarding “agriculture” basically useless. It is harvested more with the sickle than growing in those pots, but the most stupid mistake is that it only produces the fruit and never seeds, making it basically useless and a waste of time. it would be basically solved that it also produced seeds. but it must be very complicated to do it because they don’t.
Speaking of slaves and pets, we should ask: where is the feeding system ?. I can understand that it failed or that the weepers complained that it was tedious but those same people were the ones who had hundreds of slaves and pets that stay in the world forever. The solution they have implemented is to limit the number of followers, which is fine, but the followers will continue forever in the world once the player leaves the server. How is that solved ?.
another topic is the map, which is small very small should be enlarged. considering the size the mounts are really useless and especially because there is a map room. An important issue is the existence of players who build like crazy, making mega constructions taking large areas of the map and even making life impossible for other players by placing temples, wells, vault etc etc throughout the map. the solution is to add rules, perfect but allow a place to complain and report non-compliance with the rules.
but for me the worst of all is the silence of funcom or the lack of response they have to player complaints. the excruciating glitches when they update the game and cause more bugs. their attitude when they only get dlc to pay for new content and not fix errors but cause even more errors. Very poorly optimized servers that when empty have huge lag and ping. servers that do not even support more than 20 players without giving failures or lags or that simply kick you out and shut down. the lack of information from funcom to all of the above and only inform you when there are new dlc. only report in one language (English) when the game is sold in different languages. knowing that people are leaving the game and doing nothing else that remains silent.
In conclusion: a game with good graphics, a medium good fighting system, a bad farming system, a bad pet system, useless mounts, a dwarf map, very bad servers, a company that does not report anything. a team that tries to fix mistakes and causes more mistakes, and an artistic team that creates styles for each race that they seem to have no idea about. And the most unfortunate thing that some things could be fixed with few tweaks because there are mods that already solve it and do not think that because there are mods it is no longer necessary to solve it that funcom has already proven to think like this…


And yet, you still manage to log in 3700 hours, amazing isn’t?


Of all said that is true what bothers me most is funcoms attitude towards us, many of us are grown up people with jobs and responsabilities that play games to escape from the dailly routine and we are not brainless kids that you can give a sweet and keep them quiet.
This is not a FTP game and we all paid for it so we deserve at least information on what is going on, specially when something like the mess created from last patch is still unsoolved after more than 48 hours.
I dont care who owns Funcom if its Tencent or the queen of England I just demand as a customer to be informed previously on any change or modification that the product I purchased will have at present and in the near future.


Anyone can give their opinion of the game, regardless of hours played. I have 5446+ and I disagree that FC “just doesn’t care.”
I also remember when there were no pets, thralls were static in attack position, the map was just the desert, and no map rooms.
Also “agriculture” is not a required skill for playing the game, not sure why that would annoy you so much…just don’t do it. Don’t like horses, don’t use them.
I personally thought the feeding system was good, since the thrall spammers had to work harder than me, but limiting the number of thralls is just as good.
As to the servers…we wont go there…lol.


I just want to correct one misconception here, seeing as I was there, three thousand years ago…

Wait, wrong movie.

The feeding system was, like most new systems introduced by Funcom, so buggy, that it simply killed thralls repeatedly. I haven’t had more than 10 thralls/pets at a time, but when this was pushed live, half of them died due to major issues within the feeding system.

Add to that, the fact that they would eat one steak every ten seconds, and it became (even for a few thralls) a tedious chore and task.

Feeding pots wouldn’t feed thralls directly next to it, the “favorite foods” sometimes were completely bugged (I recall one thrall eating plant fiber, not roast, as a favorite food) and the list goes on.

Tying thralls to the building system was the quick and easy way out of the mess they had generated. I’d also like to note that most of these issues were reported on testlive, that there was even one poster who suggested changes to the system that would have solved the problems with how they implemented it, and this was months before it went live…

Basically completely as-is, ignoring all feedback and even most of the major issues.

I like the game they’ve made in broad strokes, but let’s face it, as a development team, they have let a lot of issues go live which were noted on test servers sometimes months before release.

I don’t know why they push things they know to be broken, but that is the sad fact of current operational practice for this game.

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i have to agree with this comment, and yet we keep playing…6300 hours of playtime here

funcom isnt the best when it comes to quick fix of things that should, but we cant stop playing no matter how many faulty issues remain

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i never had issues with feeding system, but they took that offline to quick to have that experience, i kept it filled , maybe thats why i never had the problem.

I mean, player numbers are not going down due to these issues, so why not? They seem able to afford this method, and its probably cheaper.

Unless people start to quit and revenue decreases, there is no point in fixing those. Its not like this game gonna make a huge comeback and reach 50, 100k new players outta nowhere with a major overhaul.

they might do now, as i seen many have this error, and all windows 7 users mostly are complaining, it could drasticly reduce the amount of people that are able to play, or what if you finally manage to get on and you were wiped as you were not able to play, would you keep playing if funcom wouldnt fix it?well??

This isn’t entirely true.

The numbers jumped back up for the mounts release, but before that, the major content release (Sunken City) saw several patches which nerfed systems or were extremely buggy. The playerbase did drop (at least on steam) to below 2K players then, as I recall.

So, there appears to be a rotation. Add new thing, patch the new things with other bugs introduced, then comes the nerf hammer, then players leave frustrated with the bugs.

Then they add a new thing, begin to patch the new things…

Meh, it seems to always jump back to the good old 10k avg every time they give it 50% discount or a free weekend over steam.

This might happen next month after the dust settles (you don’t want a new player seeing the mess)

The feeding system was the thrall limit, but i guess the players understanding of the game could not reach that high. So funcom was like: OK, we’ll do it like in kindergarden, 55 thralls each.

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The real thrall limit was when we could kill them on PVE servers…lol. Thrall spammer - "Somebody killed ALL of my thralls last night!! (rage quit) Me - Who would DARE do such a thing? (innocent sweet voice)

the free weekend stuff sucks the most, you get all the garbage players in your server that a have no clue what they do and b lag the server more then usual…for free weekend and new to the game a special server directory would be reconmended…that way the other servers dont have problems.

Ey a topic with more peepz with no life like me. :woozy_face:

4200 hours for me im like a newb compared to some in here jeez.

Exactly, don’t even know why we do it but we do, patch after patch, we can’t drop, broken game or not we stay, We complain, cause I do also, but we stay,ain’t that something?

…Abusive relationship xD

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That actually seems like a very good idea!

Sadly i don’t know how would they handle the ‘‘massive’’ amount of new people during these periods. Considering that the game breaks apart with more than 50-70 people, and that hopefully at least 5k new users would join, that would require a lot of servers, that probably would have no use after that.

Its much easier the current state, letting people to randomly join any server (which is bad for owners, but easy for FC).

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