Reforged Blade PVP/RP Server (Updated Discord Link)

We are looking for experienced Role Players, and those who want to try RP out. We have a great deal of many good PVPers as well that make for epic battles, and RP story. Our player base ranges from Monster hunters to Crusaders to Trader to Pirates to Orcish Hordes, and so forth.

We are starting new season come January, and we will have three major factions. One will be the Human Free City of East-Port, Orcs in the grand fortress of Darkhold, and Elves in Elidahni the hold of the Keepers. We are recruiting, and looking for more people who would love to play as barbaric orcs, or conniving Elves. We already have a great deal of Humans, but you are free to play whatever you wish.

Come and join the family of Reforged Blade. Create lore, stories, fight in major battles, immerse yourself in deep and emotional story lines, be a hero, be a villain, start wars, be a diplomat, or participate in major PVE weekend events as well as a grand PVE story line. Here at Reforged Blade, you create the outcomes, and what will truly happen at the end of the season!

Discord Link:

We also have a spectacular server, with very little to no lag! As well as a large player base!

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This server silences and oppressed me. I would advise not to play on this server atm. The admins dont have time to hear you and the community is very hard to deal with.

Server has over 400 wait list. Youll be waiting 11 months according to admins who dont even try to help their members. They didnt like me and put words in my mouth saying mean things. I have seen better communities handle themselves better.