Refresh Rate Issues

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: All

Walking a few feet away from an area or simply turning around to face away from an area will cause it to completely refresh. I have had several NPC settlements that refresh just from walking a few feet away from them (most notable: Trapper’s Cabin). I have also had issues where unconscious enemies and dead bodies will completely disappear just from turning around and not facing them (occurs mostly with named thralls, oddly enough). Enemy NPCs will also just randomly disappear while in pursuit while human NPCs will even randomly disappear during battle.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Placus_Brutus, thank you for getting in touch!

Seeing as you’re playing in single player, do you recall if you’ve made any changes to your server settings pior to these issues occurring, namely the NPC Respawn Multiplier?

I have not. It’s been happening to me and one of my friends (on a completely separate system) since the previous update. Both of us are on single player and have never played online.

Thank you for the additional details, could you also confirm if you’re on cooperative mode and, if so, what’s your current tether setting?

How far do you need to move from a camp for it to refresh, and how consistently does it occur?

Have you tried tweaking the respawn rate setting as well? Try increasing it further than its current value and restart your session ( please note that it should only affect human npcs ).

Both me and my friend have not tried cooperative.

In regards to the Trapper’s Cabin, it’s 100% of the time after walking, roughly, 55 steps away from it (pictures attached). The cabin completely disappears and then reappears after taking one step back towards it. As for thralls disappearing when killed or knocked unconscious, it happens at any distance as long as your back is to them. The lower tier thralls, it almost never happens to, while named thralls are almost guaranteed to disappear if you turn your back any further than just a few steps away from their body (this does not occur if they are currently “bound”). The NPC Respawn Timer is currently set to 1.0.

Another note is that it happens more often in areas with more NPCs, such as the Black Hand Galleon and Sepermeru.

We’ll relay this information to our team so they can try and reproduce the spawning issue.

In regards to the bodies disappearing apologies for not mentioning it in the previous reply, it’s a known issue that is already being looked into.
In most cases, only the visual components vanish, so the body remains in place and is lootable.

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