Refugees of the Torn Veil - [RP/PVP]

Refugees of the Torn Veil is a text-based 18+ RP/PVP server, focused on open and welcoming gamelpay, in a harsh, unwelcoming world. We’re very newbie-friendly, welcoming players who are new to Conan Exiles, as well as those who are new to roleplaying in general, and strive to create a world that is shaped and molded by the stories we tell, the adventures we have, and the heroes or villains our characters grow to become. Every place and person in the world, every major advancement or change in the plot, even the server settings are determined by character actions. Whether you’re an old hand looking for a new home in Conan, or someone who’s just looking to dip their toes into the world of character- and story-driven gaming, you’ve got a place here!

For ease of play, our world follows the in-game lore, and is supplemented by the Modiphius Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of tabletop rpg, where needed. That lore has grown and changed somewhat, based upon the events that have taken place in the world, with several of the local legends, heroes, and nemeses of the survivors being players from times past! Come make your mark on our world’s history!

Server Information:

Name: [RP-PVP] Refugees of the Torn Veil
Map: Isle of Siptah
Direct Connect:
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Discord: Serenity Valley Gaming
Mod List: Steam Workshop::RP/PVP - RotTV - Server mod selection

The Story So Far: A disparate band of exiles, cast into the desert sands and left with nothing but a will to survive did exactly that. They straggled in, in ones or twos, finally growing a number of settlements, building towns and great works upon the ruins of the sand-blasted wastes of the Exiled Lands. Others came, of course; the descendents of the land’s original inhabitants, treasure-hunters, looking to exploit the ruins, and even scholars who hoped to learn something of past civilizations, or marvel at the great sorceries that had once been worked within these lands. It was this last group however, that would spell the undoing of the Exiles.

A mysterious Stygin necromancer slipped undetected past the Ghost Fence, seeking to understand its relationship with the dead, and to harness the power of such an ancient and powerful artifact. Quietly, like a shadow in the moonlight, it wandered and whispered, gathering up a cult dedicated to their own, perverse purpose–tearing down reality itself, and letting powers unknown and unknowable flow forth into the land, destroying and warping all they touched. The necromancer’s work proceeded in secret for years, before their efforts to weaken the walls between world meant that the dead could walk freely in these lands, and a great army of the undead and undying rose up. Alerted to this threat, the Exiles banded together, and at last, the necromancer’s scheming was uncovered. A great hunt, and a greater battle ensued, and while the Exiles were able to purge the lands of the cult, they were not in time to stop the first phase of the ritual, and the Veil–a mystical barrier between our world and one of boundless darkness–was torn asunder.

With the Ghost Fence failing, the creatures of that twisted realm vomiting forth into the desert sands, and all they had worked to build slowly crumbling or being warped and perverted into some foul mockery of themselves, the Exiles hatched a plan to escape; to craft a great barge that would carry them to Argos, where they might warn one of the great civilizations of the terror being birthed into those long-forgotten sands.

But madness, you see, calls to madness. As the Exiles set sail, another sleeping terror had woken up in response to the insane cries of the gibbering madness beyond the Veil. The Tower of Siptah, silent since mighty Conan himself had shattered the crystal atop the tower, had awakened to terrible purpose. The sorcerous monolith became the focal point for another tear in our world, and horrifying maelstroms belched forth from the tower, tearing at reality, tearing at the island, and gobbling up everything it could reach in the sea. It was one such storm that drew our unfortunate survivors in, and fight though they did, it was not enough to save their barge. Now, dashed upon the eastern shores of Siptah’s Isle, they are once again cast into a prison with no bars, no walls, and no hope of certain escape–and the dissolution of reality seems to be progressing all around them, with this tower at the center of it all.

The Exiles, now Refugees, were left with a new, terrifying challenge: To survive, to fight, and maybe, just maybe, to find a way home, or to tame the tower’s madness.

Server Features:

  • Multiple Characters, with secondary characters gaining access to level boosts
  • Quests & Dailing Login rewards
  • PVP/Raiding limited to IC interactions – no griefing here!
  • Custom cities and marketplaces, both GM and player-built
  • Regular server events
  • Players can host and run their own events–storytelling isn’t limited to the GM’s imagination!
  • Everyone is the protagonist – RotTV isn’t about the GMs and their characters: Our focus is you!
  • No map wipes; 60-day inactivity window before bases are decayed
  • No forced permadeath. Mistakes happen, and story comes first, but your character is yours.
  • Consent is key – You get to choose your level of involvement
  • Very active and responsive staff

Current Server Settings:

  • Player XP Rate: x2
  • Harvest rate: x1.5
  • Crafting costs/times: Vanilla
  • Vanilla day/night cycle
  • Hunger/Thirst: 3/4 while active, 1/10 while idle
  • Drop on death: Active; player loot only
  • Purge fully active currently


  • What is the max level?
    300 (2,700 (!!!) if you opt to utilize the prestige system)

  • Is ERP okay?
    Yes! It’s not only permitted, but welcomed–several of our mods cater specifically to that branch of RP. We require that everyone respect one another’s consent sheets. Otherwise, your character actions are for you to choose.

  • Is this server LGBTQ+ friendly?
    Absolutely! The world in the game is not a remotely safe place–but the server is.

  • Won’t I just get raided/wiped out if I start now?
    No; in addition to a number of rules that exist to prevent PVP or raiding from being predatory and driving people away, there are factions in the game who look quietly look after those who are still working to eke out survival on the island. Asking around IC will usually point you toward them, if they don’t seek you out.

  • What are the main play times?
    Many of our players are shift workers or occupy different time zones; usually you can find people from around 10a - 10p US Central time, though this is pretty constantly in flux right now due to work and school schedules. You can always ask for someone on Discord, and often you’ll find someone who can or will jump in to play.

  • UGH! Drop on death?! I hate that!
    Change it! Seriously, the server’s current settings–from time of day and raid protection to how progression works–is all determined by character actions. Our lore indicates that reality is increasingly fluid under the influence of the Tower. Characters can have profound effects, through dealing with the creatures from beyond, be they madness beings from the Void, demons from Hell, the undead, or even other sorcerous powers that exist on the island. This is your world to shape into what you want, and almost anything is possible!

Had an absolutely fantastic weekend, and several new folks showing up. We’re going to extend our new player bonuses, including boosted XP and loot through the end of the month, to continue to welcome new players to the community!

Things are getting spooky! The Spirit’s Festival is now under way! At bases and towns all across the island, undead have been showing up in greater and great numbers. Not all are hostile–but that doesn’t mean they aren’t mischievous! Each spirit will give you the opportunity to demand from them a trick, or a treat! But be careful! While some are perfectly happy to give away sweets and toys, others may raise up mischief spirits to attack you! Those who choose treats over violence though, have a chance to find rare pets, rare currencies, and the TRULY fortunate may find one of five extremely rare costumes. And for those who have no room for their character’s RP to use these illusions, vendors will be posted near the major towns after the festival who will purchase your illusions, based on how many people have gone trick-or-treating, how many times!

We’re still doing the new player boost as well, and we’ve just kicked off server transfers. There’s an application on our Discord server in the aptly-named #server-transfer-request channel, for those who’ve got character stories they’re not quite ready to surrender. Pop on in, give us a shout, and see if you think we might be the place you want one of your characters to call home. Between the trick or treating, two upcoming player-hosted events, a major story chapter starting soon, AND the new DLC coming out, there’s never been a better time to jump in and get involved.

Hope to see you there!

The weekend’s only getting started, and there have been major advancements in the story.

A new faction seems to have arrived on the island. Ships we’d believed to be rescuers from Argos seem to have no intention of leaving the island. So far, no one’s given any hint at their true motivations, but their curiosity in either Siptah’s Tower or the storm surrounding it is evident in almost everything they’ve done, so far.

Worse though, were the secrets uncovered. An entire clan went missing, and in their absence, clues as to who led to their departure–as well as an unheralded arrival of one of their patrons–has spelled untold danger for the Refugees. Will word get to the others in time to make a change? Can these new visitors be trusted? And just how big IS the new threat to appear in the ruins of the Lost Clan’s Keep?

Chapter 3 is is just beginning, and new characters are always welcome! Come tell your character’s stories with us! All new characters are welcome without question, and server transfers are available via application on the Discord. Come see what’s brewing!