Regarding Foil Agents: Who would be interested in a little community project?


Recently people have been discussing the fairly lackluster “Foil” Agents, and how, even for a purely personal cosmetic goal, they come up a bit short. People have expressed a desire for better artwork, but allowed that it would be fairly time intensive for such a fairly low payout many people may never even see.

That said, In the past, the Devs have run contests to put content in game, namely the art for the museum shirts.

So my idea is thus: Have a contest where the community artists take the existing agent portraits (Either Just the “clipart” ones of unknown NPC’s, or both them and the Named ones with fancier art), and make more detailed and artistic versions. It would allow the community to both contribute to and improve on the game. The winning portraits would replace the “base” portrait when you unlock the Special Agent Dossiers, giving people a larger incentive to hunt them, and could even keep the “glossy” shine.

The reward could even be as simple as giving each chosen artist a Special Agent Dossier of their winning agent.

The question is if this would be desirable for people? Would it drive you to get the Special Agents more? Are there still enough artists in the community to do it justice? Would it be too time or resource intensive for the Devs to implement?


interesting idea, even if I’m not sure if the mixing of various graphical styles is a right idea :slight_smile:

Nevetheless, It would have been fun to have pictures of Funcom staff instead of the current “anonymous” agents, It would be fun to send Funcom staff at work while we are playing :smiley:

Hey Scriv ! Go to end to this satanic rituel !
Hey Tilty ! Go to hunt Wendigos in Solomon Island !
etc :slight_smile: