Regarding Purges and builds on (small) bodies of water

I’ve been wondering, as i like to build on top of water to create things like bath houses and temples with pools in them… are bases built on water, even if they are easily accessible on foot with and without foundations creating a path still a hazard when it comes to purges, and having them teleport indoors?
It was one of the reasons i lost interest initially, as i’ve had a base atop a plateau (behind warmaker’s) that was perfectly safe (nothing even teleported or got up there otherwise) but the main base i built on a narrow piece of river under the waterfall next to the circle of swords had groups of enemies pop indoors intermittently, even though they had a nice clear walkway and could even have had pummeled my outside walls to get in. About half did take the normal routes… just kind of silly a big angry lady and her cohorts didn’t.
I kind of even want to create that same fortress temple but i have a feeling that form of purge bugginess might still be around after all these years, even with drawbridges apparently being a thing.
Cheers for any advice and sharing your experience on the matter!

So what the guys on my private server do is build on lakes like what you are talking about. Then they build platforms to get to their base like roads.

But here’s the trick.

They build them in such a way that there are gaps in the platforms leading to the main base.

Now you can’t just take a path: ====== and remove one of the blocks === == like that.

To trick the unreal pathing you have to build them slightly offset. I can’t really demonstrate with text but if you build say platform road coming from the base ====== and then across the lake you build another platform road going to that platform, you DONT connect them and leave a gap. You have to jump it but its fairly easy (the gap can be like 1 or 2 feet wide).

The AI pathfinding registers that as a complete path so the purge enemies will run up to it and then stop at the gap and be stupid, unable to get close to your base and just standing there.

This essentially makes their bases 100% purge proof and the purge never spawns stuff inside their base because it is tricked into thinking there are ways to get to the base.

If they ever update the AI to not be stupid and move beyond using the basic unreal AI navmesh that would change, but for now thats how its been since the purge has been implemented.

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Neat, this at least makes me hopeful i won’t get buggered this time around! I’ll see what happens with the coming purge with my current build.
Cheers for the explanation, i think i get the jist of it!

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