Regarding server transfers and thrall cap

I have been (among others) waiting for news regarding this two things.

Have not heard a single thing regading server transfers , this is a big thing and I am concerned about the total silence with this most awaited feature.

Regarding thrall cap, have not heard anything either, it will be good to know something.

I would really like to u derstand where we are regarding this two things. Are still coming? Anything you can throw at us?

Thank you


Walking by my neighbors base with 200+ animals and 100+ thralls is pretty annoying. At least they’re kind enough to keep the torch count under 1,000

It’s been hard work, but I’ve gone from over 350 thralls down to 200 that are spread out over multiple small bases and other small structures. Still more work to be done, but if the convergence trap ever comes to EL, I’m sure I can get it down to 150 and lower if needed! I’m interested to see what the number will be!

Have you been deleting any in advance? Or since they didn’t implement it last time are you hoping they just do nothing again?

In a strange way this has actually been a lot of fun for me. Figuring out which thralls to get rid of and which to level up has been a fun challenge.

I think this is what annoys mostly everyone about the lack of a thrall cap. One clan on my PVE server had around 150 bears just standing in front of a wall around there base. They clearly weren’t for defence, and looked to just be that clan trying to either bring down server performance, or just troll others who had built nearby.

Some of us do have a lot of thralls and pets, but aren’t total as*es about it. Some people just put them all in one spot, others have them spread out over multiple bases and areas. For example, my main base has a large wall around it and two gates, each gate has 3 guards, and in between the two gates there are two archers, thats all that is guarding the wall.

I also try and use the small Turanian lamps as much as possible as they can be hidden behind structures but still give huge amounts of light (my intention was that they wouldn’t cause render lag, no clue if this has the desired effect, but I’m trying haha).

I’m really not sure why people choose to abuse the system and just place stuff everywhere, but hopefully this thrall cap will make some kind of noticeable difference in performance!