Regarding thrall leveling and perks

At least that, but perks seldom make that much difference. It’s the randomness that puts me off…
Plus I would love designing different training routines to get different results, but results that did make a difference. Who knows… maybe one day that becomes possible.

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For what it matters, this one would infinitely prefer if the damage modifiers were at least as visible as the hp gained from vigor section. (This one would much prefer if it wasn’t by tier and faction and instead was solely built off stats, but that seems improbable to the point of implausible)

There are some things where mystery is good.
This is not one of those situations.
And even if the information is already data mined, one should not have to dig around a wiki to find out something so fundamental to the functionality of the prisoner with job.

This is a QoL that would be very worthy and shouldn’t be very difficult to implement.


I think how it should get rid all modifiers and make thrall same from dafari to relic hunters.

Difference be that all low lvl camps t1 and t2 that all lvl20 thralls be same. Real difference is when brake relic hunter there lvl 15.

Make lvl long so it still be huge plus braking relic hunter vs darfi

Plus’s I want more bonus vs just raw stats more like Diablo powers then raw stats.

Plus I think resetting stats bee good. Takes them lvl 10 with new perk.

That’s an interesting idea. So like putting a Stygian thrall in Stygian armor will double the armor perks or something? Or giving them tribe appropriate weapons increase attack speed or etc. Might be interesting…

I would like to see a thrall rebalance for sure. I’m no expert nor did I put that much though into this but maybe something like making all thralls of equal tier relatively the same effectiveness, and then only the starting stats and perks will make them differ. That way regardless of what faction an archer is, they will all be effective as long as they leveled well and you chose the right perks (more on that in a second). But if you wanted the tip-top archer thrall for example, then the Relic Hunter’s or Black Hands would be your go-to because they start out with more accuracy.

Also would be nice if when leveling a thrall, you get to choose a perk at each milestone based on the perk you wanted the attributes for, but the randomness would still come in the rarity of that perk. For example the top tier perk you could roll 3 different options, but the vitality option might have been the best one at +15 whereas the strength option was only +10, and so on.

Not sure how I feel about growth chance, maybe that could still be the same but with some manipulation but maybe it could go away. Just some thoughts. I’m excited to see what’s in the next update, it can’t come fast enough!

One big thing though would be nice, if thralls could level up on their own. Base defense thralls for example, every time they participate in a kill they should get some exp, that way they can level up during purges and stuff.

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