Regarding when it is raining in some part of original map

I am just wondering in certain section of the map it rains once in a while. So why would we need to drink when this happen. What I would suggest that you still need to drink but when it rains you can fill your water skin the same way as if you were in the water.

I’mma give this a hard nope. There’s a reason weather forecasters give predictions of rain quantities in (fractions of) inches. The best you could possibly hope for, as far as refilling a waterskin in the rain goes, would be to get one drink/use after not moving for several hours of constant rain.

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No, no, I like it, let’s make it work exactly like that: a 10-minute animation that fills up your water skin when it’s raining. Bonus points if we make it non-interruptible :laughing:

PS: I hope nobody takes offense at this. I’m not making fun of anyone, I just thought the idea was humorous.


Or a barrel you place next to building with roof, more roof tiles connected, = more water in barrel.

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If ever I meet one of you Texas waddies who ain’t drunk water from a hoofprint, I think I’ll… I’ll shake their hand or buy 'em a Daniel Webster cigar.

Think about it you die of thirst in the middle of a rain shower. You think that makes more sense?

Take an empty soda bottle out while it’s raining and try to fill it. See how well that works.

In order to fill a water skin in the rain like that, you’d need something with a lot of surface area to catch the rain and funnel it into the skin. Just holding it up to the sky ain’t gonna cut it.


Then maybe not fill the waterskin but at least fill your thirst that way it would make more sense then dying of thirst in a rain shower.

Just dig a lil’ hole, not too deep really, but just “wide enough”, then place a sheet of plastic (ehrr… an animal skin in Conan world) and gather the water that forms a pool in the hole (covered by the sheet).
But filling a can under direct rain well… it has to be a REEALY strong raining ^^

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TBH rain is pretty much useless as a water source in a survival situation without some way to catch what’s coming down over a wide area and funnel it to a container. Just try going outside next time it’s raining and try to drink the rain - it’s really not that easy.

I quite like @Sera67’s suggestion - a passive refill of a barrel over time at your base is perfectly plausible, and would make a nice alternative to wells for eg treehouses (given that’s part of Funcom’s ‘aim’ for Siptah)

Something like @Glurin or @Tselem’s suggestions could also make a neat addition - a relatively simple to make water gathering kit for use in the field - hole, plus ‘sheet’ (hide) with rocks to weight the edges down, and maybe over the course of a couple of minutes (shorter than reality, but suitable for a game) it gets you enough water for a couple of drinks.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily as simple as all that to code, since it not only needs to produce water over time, but it also needs to detect whether or not it is raining - which is not a factor normally involved in crafting (which is essentially what the water production would be).

But above all, there’s just the simple point that if it’s raining in CE, then you’re probably already close to a river/lake/coast. Most of the time it’s just going to be easier to do it the barbarian way…

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So, a round construction that sits on the ground & collects water slowly over time? Sounds like…a well?


Lol, yeah pretty much. Though I do think it’d be a nice idea for builds where a well is unsuitable.

The only way it may be implemented is by applying “water” area effect on map under rain.
Watch me abusing it to place fish traps on the ground near my base without any water even remotely close.
Fish traps need water only on placement…but not for work.

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Oh really lol. For sure people would exploit that.

Well is via ground water, barrels at gutters is often another way to collect water. (aunt owns a farm)
Buckets work to for heavy rain falls, you can fill one of those large paint buckets half way on a good rain fall. Long as you get to it before bugs do, =p


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