Reimburse players

When your game screws up, and a customers loses 15+ hours of work, you should reimburse them! Time is money, and you have wasted enough of my time! I will not be back on until you Funcom reimburse me for my lost time! I log off last night in my base, and wake up today in the desert all my stuff gone!


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If you believe your time is too valuable to be wasted, then perhaps you should engage in a more constructive activity than video games.


You guys are super cool! Seeing as how I purchased a product. With the understanding that certain thing would work certain ways, yes I am entitled to reimbursement. My time according to the people that pay is worth quite a bit more than .5 cents. And 3 my pass time is video games, that’s what I enjoy, if i bought a fishing rod, and it didn’t work it would get replaced, or at the very least get a credit. Just because you people have no standard for how you should be treated doesn’t mean I’m going to lay down and let a company abuse me. I have money they have a product, they dont take care of me, they dont ver my money. So go on with your insults, and your small minded selves.

So let me get this straight, if you bought a fishing rod and, even after hours you would not catch any fish, would you ask from reimbursment for the manufacturer as well?
Or when the fish gets off the hook when trying to pull it out?
Or when the fish spoils because you did not cool it enough or stored it too long
Or when you make a mistake cooking it and it just tastes bad?

I understand you are upset about loosing progress but that sometimes happens with software, even cars sometimes break down.

I understand it is your past time, so is it mine, but @nergui is correct.
When you even measure your free time with money then you probably rather spent it earning money instead, would be a waste otherwise.

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Those are valid points, maybe a bad analogy, maybe a boat instead. Software does fail, i get that, but I brought this up the better part of a month ago, with no reply and no fix. I’ll quit complaining, I took my 3 or 4 days off. Some of the replies, just struck the wrong cord lol, people can insult and demean me for holding companies responsible for their product failing if they want, they are sheep.

I understand your frustration and I agree that we can expect a working game since it is 1.0

Currently I cannot enjoy the full features promised by FUNCOM (Purge) which makes my end-game kind of dull now, so I help my friends on my server get started instead.

It is kind of curious, you are in middle of building and loose your stuff while I amass stuff with nothing to build at the moment :slight_smile:

Try to stay confident, I am sure they will fix that game eventually.

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