Reinforced Climbing gear - Bug and Suggestion

I’m reviving this, because I just ran into the issue. You can read full details with pictures in this thread: Reinforced Climbing gloves/boots recipe doesn't recognize Light gloves/boots

But the TLDR: The reinforced recipe crafting is very confusing and I assumed was totally broken. You make on the old armorer bench, but it requires “epic” light boots/gloves in the recipe.

In the thread, the claim is that the gear is only more durable. My suggestion is to make some real enhancements to them, such as both hot and cold sets, not just hot. Also, they should significantly reduce slipping chances.

I know heat protection in climbing is the most useful, but some of us like to scale tall things in the snow too.

How about increased climb speed? Ohhhh! I like that too :slight_smile:


what a great suggestion!

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