Reinforcement kit bugs

Game mode: online official pvp
Problem: Bug
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Ok, so…
Upon using advanced or master reinforcement kits i have noticed a bug.
On a setite mask a advanced reinforcement kit gives 240 durability.
On another setit mask the master reinforcement kit gives 180 durability (shouldnt be lower then adv) BUT upon applying the master kit the mask stays at 90 durability and has to be repaired to the 180 max dura.

I retried this with a flawless yamati footsoldier hat and received these stats:
Adv kit 750 dura
Master kit 1200 dura, but again it remained at 600 until repaired.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use reinforcement kits

Hello @R3KA5AND, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll forward the issue with the Mask’s maximum durability value when upgraded with the Master Reinforcement Kit to the developers.

Regarding the durability loss when upgraded with the Master kit, that’s actually intentional and not an issue.

May i ask why the advanced reinforcement kit repairs fully when applies and the master one doesnt?

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As @R3KA5AND said, why does the master kit makes no sense compared to all other kits?

All other kits repair their grade to 100%. But master only 75%. WHY? It makes no sense, that all kits behave the same, except ONE.

Upon seeking further clarification it was noted this behavior is in fact an oversight, as it somehow inherits from kits that do reduce the durability when applied, therefore it has been registered as well and will be addressed in an upcoming patch, apologies for the confusion.


So what is the fix? Advanced also only fix to 75% or master finally fix to 100%?

There is no issue with advanced kits, the master kids provide double the durability but u must repair them after applied to receive more then standard durability.

Sorry, my fault. Have confused it with another kit.

This specific master kit will allow the durability to remain at 100% post-upgrade, rather than reducing it after being applied, therefore behaving exactly like the lesser kits.


Im not sure if we are on the same page huge lol.
The master kit does not receive 100% durability after upgrade, it sits at 50 %
The lesser kits, after applied receive the full 100% durability of the item.
The kit im talking about is a durability kit and reducing the durability isnt the issue. The item its applied to is reveicing the durability but only
after repaired.

I think y’all are on the same page, just wording it differently. Hugo is saying after they patch it, it will act as the lesser versions, meaning when applied to a tool, tool will be at 100%.

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