Reinforcement Recipe Tier 3?

Just saw a video of the new map, where someone had een tier 3 blacksmith that is be able to make steel reinforcements from the purge recipe.

I hope they change this, else im for sure this is gonna cause problems with griefers.
Gonna be alot easier for them to block off area’s and resources with tier 3 spam.

People should put alot of effort in the game to get those kind of stuffs.

Got told that it was because of the Surge, but since they introduced the NPC camps etc, they should change the steel reinforcement purge recipe back to how it was.


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Was that my video, I wonder :thinking:

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I believe that we are on the same curse here. I don’t really enjoy the idea that purge thralls are useless anymore. I don’t like the idea that a purge cook is worst than the lone fisherman, I don’t like the idea that volcano thralls are worst than Teimos, I don’t like the idea that purge alchemists are the same with witch doctor, I don’t like the idea that purge hero thralls are lower than usual thralls. I do understand that online games are using this policy to nerf something and to buff something else, but the way the game is right now, is wrong and unfair.


Might be, saw it in a video called ninja raid. The guy followed someone inside his base and than i noticed the blacksmith. I hope it stays away from the PS4.

Never thought i should have been hapoy with a delayed update for consoles.