Relaease time of chapter 3?

So 23 oslo 1400? Pretty safe bet huh?

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16:58 (Oslo time) and I am…


Hello Everyone,

There were some unexpected technicalities and the Public Beta release for Chapter 3 has been delayed.

We are aiming for this update to be released as soon as possible so please keep and eye out on the forums as we will be updating the release date once we know it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


I must be in the wrong forum i thought i was in the funcom forums not studio wildcard.

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ouch. Well that’s why you got a beta test and it was caught. Hopefully it won’t affect the release schedule.

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Yea thats on me i was a little too upset about it. Just been foaming at the mouth for this and to have it all taken away. sob

where is the update?


Not on those tester servers, not sure more then 3 or 4 are. No motivation, not even fixing bugs reported before going live.

First of all the beta test didn’t get released thursday as planned, so there’s not really anything to test just yet :slight_smile:
Also there aren’t much servers to choose from unless you are in US, so I think most are forced to test it in singleplayer :wink:

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Used to be a bunch of servers, and the US PVE server is always down :joy: Doesn’t really matter when it’s released though.

But those are more preview servers then anything else.

My thing is dont say it if you cant deliver. Say hey guys can we make this work? Yes ok then when we do live stream we will give a definite date. If no then during live stream we say hey guys we are still working on getting it up and running. How can you do this? Simple have a test server that is just like the real one and see if it works. Now to be fair i love the game and the company. I own it on steam and ps and have since it dropped.

Chill friends, testlive release just delayed, thats all
Probably next week. No rush needed.

Where did we have similar comment… let me think… oohh yeah… regarding transfer, 6 months and still no update on that… lets hope this issue is fixed faster…

Any update on this?

Its out now

Is that good? Is the golem crafting station huge o reasonable sized? does it have a good collision box? I made a room to receive it on the base but know is it will fit. Can’t wait to go home and test

Not too big collision seems decent goota leave room in front and on left side as you do the ritual there and the golem walks off the table in front

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Chapter 3 has now been released on Public Beta. Read more here: Public Beta Client- Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Update Discussion Megathread

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