Relaxed PS4 RP server "Irkalla" needs citizens

Relaxed ps4 rp server is looking for new citizens to populate the world. We are small now but trying to expand, so you can be one of the first to claim land. PVP with indestructible structures (except during certain battle events). Server boasts soft core rp, quests, events, fast travel, cities, and lore, with a market and arena coming soon. Boosted harvest rates. Check out our website at and join us in the land of “Irkalla.” Your destiny awaits…

how do i join and how many ppl are in this server also i dont have cocnan exiles at the moment i will soon have a copy of the game in ps4 since it will be free this april at the playstation store

how do i join???

I’m sorry friend, the server is no longer active. If you are still looking for some rp servers on PS4 I could recommend some, though I am not admin there. Seven Sins is very active and pvp oriented. The Descendants is a heavier rp one conflict (I believe). Hope ou find something that works for you.

oh i see thank for your help but i have found an rp server so wish me luck and have an an amazing day :smiley:

Actually can you recommend me some chill rp servers that is compatible to ps4