Relaxed PvE looking for more players!

Nellie’s Boys!

Our server started as a few friends wanting to play together a little over a month ago, but we’ve expanded into something that I think we wish was a little bigger, but not TOO big…for now. Currently we have a clan imbalance, for instance, and we have an admin (myself) that wants to offer exciting quests, rp interactions and Yog knows what!

If you’re new to the game, and want to hang with a group of (currently) less than 20 of us, that are also relatively new to the game, and trying to define the PvE landscape, come join us!

Our server is evolving and currently building your base is only constrained by your knowledge vs. the purge that might take it from you…that’s assuming your clan doesn’t rush to defend you from a purge, even if you’re offline. You might also want to give your input on economy, clan v. clan interaction (no PVP here), what you want from quests, etc. Well, that is all open. If you want to be on a server that supports collaboration amongst members and does not tolerate huge egos, we’re a great server to start with. If you like those things AND want to participate in growing a server by becoming a staff member when we need to grow, we’re the place for you.

We currently run only a handful of mods. Like I said, we are BRAND new and growing and we’re open to suggestions.

What we’re looking for:

  • New players who want a safe place for PvE, with friendly players (rudeness is not tolerated) that can help.

  • Experienced players who want to commit to help a PvE server grow without ego driven ideas.

  • Committed Players who want to potentially help manage a server, after gathering trust from the admin council.

  • No intimidating new concepts! We’re too new for that! If you like the idea of new concepts, we’re open, but right now, our only new concepts are our mods. The admin has currently created a few quests using the Pippi mod, but mostly, we’re a bit vanilla looking for YOUR help to become peanut-butter and chocolate.

  • Players who genuinely like Conan. Our admin is a Conan-phile, but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to broad suggestions; it just means that anything on the server can be guaranteed to fit within the world that they think Mr. Howard would approve.

  • Want ERP (■■■■■■ role play) that includes open nudity, but nothing more egregious. I hesitate to even include it now, but it leads me to…

Adult content is accepted. It’s a not an acceptable place for young people. It is very possible that our populace will vote for more ERP.

We have a discord! But honestly, I don’t want to add you to it until we’ve chatted for a few lines. Message me at bedlamboy77#9240 on discord. Do not just say, “hey.” Message me with why you liked the advertisement and why you’d like to join.

May Yog be with you, Exiles.