**Relevant Changes** and feedback from a server community

Hello funcom, we are a community that plays Conan Exiles since its day 1 on early access, and would really like to give you our most honest opinions about the make to really make it as best as we think it can be:

  1. Yellow Lotus Potion: It is really important that a player can change its stats, mainly because new players don’t know what to build or invest initially, but using such potions constantly, makes them not as important as they should be, we suggest we can have 2 different potions 1 for feats and 1 for stats, being that the one for feats should be hardest to craft (like using for example a mixture of Yellow Lotus flower + black lotus flower + dragon power) this way players will have to really decide what they really want instead of keeping changing their stats over and over, and having it more difficult to find a way to craft it will also bring out a way for players to have specific roles inside a clan, which will be better for dungeons and such.

  2. Combat System Regen: after testing out the combat, we thought that losing the natural regen ability during a combat would really bring out the threat feeling and give the players more reason to really think about when going on a combat, something like having a marker of “anxiety” will block out natural health regen during any combat (which could be decided when a player get hit by another player) will lasts for 20 seconds after any hit and renews on every hit.

  3. Stats points: We got to the conclusion that almost no one is using the Survival stat, mainly because the fight is important while on PvE or on PvP, we think that Survival should have an important perk on the first 3 levels like giving natural damage resistance and food regen, instead of the x2 harvesting, this should be on the encumbrance perhaps (this way less server will have to make it x3/x5 harvest because it would be on the encumbrance feat, which will be a boost for people to use it as well more often, thus making it more complex and having multiple different builds for the game that could work out)

  4. AI System: We really loved the Frost Giants combat or even the statues of the lemurian witch queen, the don’t get the stagger effects on them which makes the player to keep moving to avoid getting hit, this is the kind of fun (we think) people want. So some of the mobs should have more charged attacks that announce beforehand so the player can escape and avoid them and get back again into the battle, so something like weak spots / charged attacks impervious to any stagger or stun / Strong spots would be awesome to play with

  5. Random Weapons Stats: everytime we were able to find new weapons inside either the chests or the corpses of looted npcs, this is the kind of fun that keeps me moving, the only issues with it could be the fact that everytime I find a weapon I already know it’s stats, and they are always the same, the only thing that changes it’s its durability, it would really be fun if it would have different stats every time we find it inside a dead corpse of a humanoid.

  6. Enchanted/Cursed weapons: We already know that a weapon always has its predefined stats (X dmg, Y armor penetration) it would be awesome to be able to find the same weapon being enchanted with stat modifiers (for example +3 player strength, or +2 weapons durability or even -1 vitality, or eveng gaining corruption markers while being wielded, this one being a little tricky to implement)

  7. Weapon Modifiers: Applying weapon modifiers such as weapons damage kit should reroll its stats for damage instead of always increasing to a fixed value.

We would really like you to hear out our suggestions, or at least try to think about them and try to figure out which ones would be easier to implement, I will try to make more people support these “tiny” features.

My best regards,


The ideia number 1, about the split potions is having a lot of “fans” maybe it would be a good feature in the near future

  1. Offline Clan Raid: This way if the last member of a clan becomes offline for a configurable amount of time, the clan structures would become invulnerable to raids, and thwy will be on, after 1 member of such clan logs in again, this way there wouldn’t be offline raiding

I really like the idea of not being able to regen health in combat.

You 100% have my vote on that one.

Gotta vote no to random stats makes getting gear really grind heavy and unfun in alot of games

But the idea of weapon modifier we already have some but if we could expand on that that would be great

  1. Mount Solving Issue: We know that Funcom couldn’t introduce mounts mainly because of the rendering system, we though what if mounts could run as the samespeed as players while sprinting but they would never run out of stamina? that way players would go a bitfastest but it wont be a problem for the engine

Yeah, its true, rerolling items can be a pain in the a** sometimes, but what about finding items with random stats and enchanted/cursed ones? I think that would give it more charm and could boost the will to find more and more, loot could be much more fun, rather than just finding plant fiber and iron bars on npcs

That was exactly my thought on mounts. Nobody said they had to move faster, and I don’t know why every developer thinks they should, just a constant sprint would work well.

I also like the idea of cursed/enchanted weapons. I like a lot of the weapons and styles associated with each one, but I wish there was a bit more diversity, like more selection, variance on stats (too a degree), less of a gap between weapons of a specific type. I. E. If I like using axes why do I have to wait another 10 or so levels to get a new one that sustains damage output for my level? I shouldn’t have to use a sword in the mean time just to stay on par with content.

Last but not least, armor. What’s the point in me buying epic armor recipes if I can make flawless of the same type and it be significantly better than epics at 60?